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That's a nice song YoloSwegLord, been listening to it a few times since you posted it.   One of my all time favourite playlists.

This is one of the most progressive songs I have ever listened to. It starts off by setting out a simple tune. As it carries from one verse to the next, it increases in complexity, adding new layers t

I wish I could add a little variety/world culture to this topic offering a song from my home country, but that ain't happening .   And in the topic of epicness, I leave you with this:  

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Now back to your regularly scheduled Waterflame music.

This was actually the first song that Waterflame made. It was created on a music creating game on the PS1 called music2000 (though this version was made in fruityloops) and has a nice beat throughout the song. Earlier I posted Thunderzone v2, this is its precursor.


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On 26/04/2016 at 17:15, imlegos said:

BTW, The "Yoshi-Go-Round" is the second "restored" version of the SM64 Marry-Go-Round theme (Found in Big Boo's Haunt), the second is in Majora's Mask.

I don't hear the resemblance between the Yoshi-Go-Round and the other two, while these two definitely share it.

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Blast Processing, another song by Waterflame.

The name "Blast Processing" refers to the term used by Sega to explain why their Genesis was better than the Super Nintendo (The Sega Genesis has blast processing, the Super Nintendo Doesn't...) This song actually contains some audio from those old commercials, and has a nice tune that reflects off of the old 8-bit music styles. I imagine this would be extremely nostalgic to anyone who remembers those commercials, or simply to anyone who used to own a Sega Genesis.

And yes this was in Geometry Dash.

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