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For me, Drone music sounds very chaotic and random. To that extent, it brings anxiety to my mind.

Can this thread be just about everyone's taste in music? I enjoy listening to these things. :P 

Here's something that gets me up and about very easily:


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8 minutes ago, YoloSweggLord said:

were you talking about Waterflame-Final Battle or M Craft-Dragonfly (Memro Bootleg)?

Yes, really like that song. And glad you're enjoying that mix :P I've listened to it so many times that at any point I know which song comes next, yet it doesn't get boring.

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Wonderful playlist, @Broxzier! It's going in my personal collection. :D 

Here's something that is hard to surpass in epicness:

Add in the fact that people who molded our world history have listened to this same melody in their life (including, but not restricted to Adolf Hitler) and you're bound to start doing something productive. Like taking a crap. Seriously, try taking a crap with this music on. Best minutes on the toilet you'll ever have. Trust me.

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That's very much your personal opinion, I guess. I like it when I want instant boosts of energy. How do you not feel that in it's tone?

The reason I love it is because it has a simple melody that is easy to catch on. That's not to say there aren't subtle undertones throughout the music. The more complex a melody becomes the more forgettable it is. And the less likely you are of wanting to listen to it again. This is the justification I think of when people say '8-bit video game music is very memorable'. More memorable music will always leave a better effect on you than a musical piece that doesn't have a clear cut melody. 

There. That's my opinion. In any case, Led Zeppelin sure is epic as well. :D It stands right beside my Assassin's Creed OST folder. 

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