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chairlift crash

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hi, I use translator, sorry about my bad english :b 

I found a problem with my chairlift ride.

I have 2 chairlift ride, and they are same shaped track,

but a conflict occurs in only one chairlift station. 

the first chairlift ride arrives at the second station,

and it just passed through the station, and crash.

I can't understand because they are perfectly same track design.

Applying to fix the problem?

chairlift crash.sv6

chairlift crash.jpg

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Are you using the latest develop build or the stable one? 

So far, the develop builds have fixed this issue. You should download that. (We are only 4 issues away from getting the 0.0.4 Third Stable Release so stability shouldn't be a problem)

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Try rebuilding the station. I'm on my phone, so I can not verify, but I suspect that there is at least one chaircart in a wrong state for its position. Probably 'ariving at station'.

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I can't run your save file, @MetallicaXP. Could you upload another one perhaps? 

And as Broxzier stated, try rebuilding the station and reducing the number of ski cars operating. Another thing that helps is reducing the chain lift speed. Modify the track as well if nothing works.

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Sorry to tell you, but the game file still has those game objects attached to it. Did you uncheck the boxes for those objects from the Debug Menu Object Selection? Simply deleting those objects while playing the game will not work.

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sorry I have mistake. here is remove all object save file.

I made map in scenario editor, and doesn't touch debug menu while playing the game.


I tested my chairlift track in another sandbox map. strange, it's working all position. it seems like trouble from making scenario process. maybe it's my fault

chairlift fail1.sv6

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The game objects are still attached to your game save file. Here is a list of them all: 







4                (No idea what this might be, lol)

AE-BUSST (I assume this is an Amazing Earl ride)

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I found some rule -

in a small map, all chairlifts are working good.


this map is 253 x 253 sized huge map,

and as shown in this screenshot I roughly made chairlift without saved track,

they are working in half area, and not working half area. (green sign is working, red sign is not working)


and, I tried this- uninstall openrct, and play same map in original rct2.

yeah. all chairlift are working good.


if this save file is not working,

would you mind make a huge scenario map and test?


I really appreciate your attention. thanks!

chairlift fail.sv6

chairlift fail.jpg

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