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  1. Ähm... is there no Solution? Anything I can do to help finding the issue?
  2. I have build a small Test-Chairlift. Some Stations, 4 or 5 straight, second Station. Works. But the Lift who needs to work, doesn't
  3. Correct ;-) You see, i have this Problem also. You see here Station 1. "Wagen 8" ("Chair 8´) comes back from Station 2. All other cars (1 to 7) make the same fire. But i was to late for screenshoting. I play with the OpenRCT2 Launcher, Branch: Develop. Launcher Version: 0.0.5, OpenRCT2 Build: 1569, OpenRCT2 Git Hash: dd377bc. Savegame: save1.sv6 The Chairlift is here named "Sessellift 1". When you need other Infos: ask ;-)
  4. The Bug isn't fixed at this time, or? ;-)
  5. da_user


    @X7123M3-256 @imlegos I think you will do this in the right way ;-) "Servus" is a "Hi" in Bavarian. But "The Domination" sounds interessting. I think i put them on my Amazon-Wishlist ;-)
  6. da_user


    Yesterday ther was no Reply-Field. And yesterday i can only send one message. Maybe a action in connection with the Spam: Well, now i can reply ;-) Broke the object limits would have been the first thing I would have broken ;-) NEDesign looks good, RCTgo seems to have also many RCT3 and no Filters. RCTMart is down (a Forum says, the forums going down in 2010). Thank you. In my Options of the OpenRCT2 Laucher are activatet: "Laucher => Develop" and "Misc. => Enable debugging tools". Also "Interface => Toolbar => Cheats". So i have the Object-Tool and the Cheat-Menue.
  7. da_user


    Servus, Hi, Hallo, i'm from Bavaria. I played RCT1&2 in my childhood (RCT3 sucks... sadly). I play since some years OpenTTD and found now randomly OpenRCT2! I hope OpenRCT2 goes the good Way of OpenTTD. Now I played OpenRCT2 the first half hour with the OpenRCT2 Launcher. I found some new Features, but i think by far not all. First a little Question: is there a Place, where i can find new Attractations, Flatlands with all Attractations and so on? And i have a Featurewish: A Downloadsection/Button in the Launcher or Mainscrren, where PlugIn-/AddOn-Creators can register their work an i can download and update them easily. Like in OpenTTD ;-) I hope the work goes on and i have many many hours of fun with OpenRCT2!
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