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chairlift crash

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13 hours ago, YoloSweggLord said:

Maybe because he's using his noggin and actually searching for related topics before posting a new one.

Correct ;-)


11 hours ago, Broxzier said:

This bug has been fixed months ago, thanks to the Park provided here. Are you experiencing a similar issue with the latest builds?


You see, i have this Problem also. You see here Station 1. "Wagen 8" ("Chair 8´) comes back from Station 2. All other cars (1 to 7) make the same fire. But i was to late for screenshoting.

I play with the OpenRCT2 Launcher, Branch: Develop. Launcher Version: 0.0.5, OpenRCT2 Build: 1569, OpenRCT2 Git Hash: dd377bc.

Savegame: save1.sv6

The Chairlift is here named "Sessellift 1".

When you need other Infos: ask ;-)

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For me they do, even when I try to build a small track on the same level. I even tried lowering speeds and the amount of cars.  If I build a similar track on ground level however, put speed to 3 KM/H and 2 cars, it doesn't crash. (The test track is 2 stations>right>left>left>straight>straight>left>left>right>2 stations)

That is in the "save1.sv6" save file which da_user provided.

Sadly, I went to continue with one of my own parks slightly after that, forgetting that I was trying to find out what made the chairlifts crash. So I doubt I still have save files of this. ( I will check for auto saves though) I do think it has something to do with the height though.


I've not found an autosave but I could reproduce the same fairly easily. I have now also tried lowering the height of the chairlift that is crashing in the save1 file, which seems to fix the whole problem. You could make a post on Github that this is happening at higher heights to attend the developers on this fact(, though try to find if someone might already have done so.) 

save1 (Chairlift Crash).sv6


@da_user @giraty

You may freely use this save file to further solve this use, so may anyone else who wants to do so. I have placed light blue walls or painted the walls near the chairlifts to ice to make them easier to notice.


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