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Some Wallpapers Showcasing OpenRCT2/RCT in General

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So I made these wallpapers in the few minutes I had to spare after an exam I just gave, and I'd like to know what your thoughts are ^_^. Let's use this thread to showcase the 'best' of what you've recently made/collaborated on. With that, here are some pieces I made/helped make in multiplayer and single player recently (they aren't exactly the best stuff, just the most recent ones):

Delta Crossing (Self Hosted Server)

Wall 1.png

@!#% Steve (Server: Hosted by @Nubbie)

Wall 2.png

Freebuild (Server: Hosted by citizen)

Wall 3.png

DNSS NL (Server)

Wall 4.png

Forest Frontiers (Single-Player)

Wall 5.png

Realism Server (Server: Hosted By @Julow)

Wall 7.png


Any suggestions are welcome please :D.

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Add info about images (Single-Player/Multiplayer, name of person who hosted server)
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You probably think that because they aren't exactly filters, as much as they are gradient overlays. I'll use general filters more if that works better :P. I was inspired by the sepia look that was used for the gameplay promotional photos of RCT1 and/or RCT2.

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@jensj12 Alright, now I'm convinced the effects are too overdone (I had my doubts on #1 and #4 before). 

I tried to center the screenshots at the specific objects I had made, and the stacked helix 'mess' was not something I had built. I'm gonna have to find that person and let them know that information, lol. Same goes for the diagonal drop. 

I should add in which parks are multiplayer, I think. That will avoid confusion.

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Why not make some for the title screen parks, like netgrouppark? or maybe even some locations in Group Park 2?


Also, I wish computers could have animated backgrounds sometimes... It would be amazing to see this or Openttd playing around your desktop icons :D

Also also, could these be set as Steam library backgrounds? (I use a non-steam version of RCT2 for one thing, so I don't have it's backgrounds)

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@imlegos Do you want me to make wallpapers for those parks? I mean, I could certainly try; I know the best parts of those parks. :)

Maybe let me know if you like them I guess. I'll try not to force the gradient overlay like I did with the photos in the first post. More subtle edits might be more appealing. Also, do you prefer the some-what transparent logo of ORCT2 in the wallpapers?

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As requested (I assumed), here's one of netgrouppark (I only made 1, I know there's a lot more in that park to capture, but the Go-Karts are really appealing to me I guess):


This one is Peregrine from Group Park 2 (I did a Gaussian Blur in this one):


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I don't follow. Could you be more specific as to which angle you're talking about? Peregrine doesn't cover my entire monitor that nicely, but if you tell me the exact angle I'll make a Giant Screenshot and work on that.

Much thanks on netgrouppark. I still think I overdid it though. :P 

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Backstage Drop would be above it, which i think is 1 rotation clockwise, causing the path behind it to be on the left, where you  normally put the logo. Also, the blur effect is nice, maybe a slight bit less though.

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Some of the things you said contradicted each other for me. For starters, Backstage Drop can only be above Peregrine in the one angle I took, and one at a 90 deg. anti-clockwise rotation. In the latter, the path behind Backstage Drop would go in the upper right corner, not the left (the spot I take for the logo). At this point, I assumed you were talking about the path in front of Peregrine, and at a 90 deg. clockwise rotation from my original position, the logo was going in the upper left corner.  For this position, I made one wallpaper, and I think it came out nicely. I used a black fade-out for the edges as well, and the Gaussian was toned down from the original one. The text is white now, and I decided to stick to Fixedsys as the font, because it is very easily recognizable these days.

Give me your feedback please. I'm having a great time making these, lol :P



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