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Adding Repercussions for Sacking Staff


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The way it seems right now (at least to me), the staff's salary is given to them on payday, but if you manage to sack them before then, you don't have to pay them a dime. This seems flawed to me, since you can hire a handyman to clean up things, by picking him up and dropping him right where all things need to be cleaned, and when he has served his purpose, you can fire him; since you got all work done before the month ended, you ended up with a clean park and no salary to pay to that poor soul. 

I suggest we add some way to make sure staff that hadn't completed their month get some part of their wage when they are sacked. This makes the game realistic, even if just a little, and it also balances the game so that wages are even more effectively draining your cash. 

Perhaps make a day/wages-paid ratio, so that the employee gets 50% of his expected wage if he is sacked in the middle of the month, and so on. You could make it a different ratio as well, depending on what feels more balanced.

Or, if the Employee doesn't do any task from between the time of hiring to the time of firing, he gets 0% of his wages, but if he does 1 task or more, then a variation of the system mentioned above is assumed. 

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My core focus here was not to prevent players from misusing the system(though it is something that would come as a result of this), but rather to make the game seem more practical from a logical point. How about paying them their entire wage before the month starts? As it stands, they are payed after their services are done at the end of the month. Paying before hand would make one less willing to sack them, and instead would force them to utilize them to their fullest. This should be way easier to enforce than all the stuff I proposed earlier. A lot of employees around the world are payed up front for their Job, right?

(Basically what you said in your last point :P)

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On 03/04/2016 at 02:38, Superjustinbros said:

If this becomes a feature; I'd prefer it to be a selective option in the settings menu instead of a permanent feature.

I disagree. If this would be done for every gameplay tweak, the options menu will become even more cluttered.

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Making this an option seems pointless to me. It's not a game changing difference for all people (although it does seem nice to have around, at least for the easier scenarios from RCT1), and it only 'heavily' effects those that exploit the wage system a lot (I used to be one of them :P). 

Unless a really passionate person comes around asking for it to be optional, let's make this a permanent feature.

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