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Paths Stairs and Railings

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The railings are separate from the paths. As far as I know there is no space left in the path_elements to store this bit for when it's rendered, or only for normal paths (non queue). I remember there being one bitflag for when a path should have a ride banner, but I don't know for sure if this bit has a purpose for normal path. If it doesn't, then this bit could be used for normal paths.

I think @Gymnasiast has tried to achieve this two or three months ago. If I remember correctly he was able to hide all fences, but not have it per path piece as an option.

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One could create railless versions of the vanilla ones. Then you'd just have to switch paths. Granted, with the current 16 choices only, that would limit your pickings (I always use the same 16/25ish that I have.) For instance, I have a full tile concrete path that doesn't have railings, and is steps instead of a ramp. I use that for all my stairs.


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