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  1. Maybe this should be extended to fences and maybe other scenery objects as well as we could place a fence on a border and drag it so that it could be a straight fence or a fence with a right angle or a square and then on the other side of the fence we place a nice row of flowers. It's sounds like a good idea as i hate my park being empty (scenery-wise) and just seeing grass or dirt. and filling it up takes a bit of time as everytime i wish to place an object down i have to press the mouse. It's just very time consuming
  2. How would we select scenery if this were to go ahead. Would it have to be a perfect square (e.g. 4X4) or could it be a bit freeform similar to painting terrain (e.g.. 10X4, 1X20 etc.) For those that want to paint a strip of scenery and fencing across the side of a path could we do that?
  3. I would like to propose some new ways to modify guest attributes, (eg. happiness, nausea etc.) Instead of having 2 buttons for min and max there should be a slider from min to max. There should also be a button to freeze the values so that guests are always happy, thirsty etc. These values should also apply to newly spawned guests as well Cheers
  4. What I mean is even with paths and rides in the way, will you still have the ability to place scenery down or will you not because of something in the way
  5. Thats very cool. I think that would really work. If the cluster tool could also allow us the area that could be filled up, that would be awesome!!
  6. Im not talking about locking items to the same height, I'm saying we can place decorations 1 at a time and in a random area but it would be could if we could place objects in a selected grid almost the landscaping tool (5 x 5 scenery tool places 25 water fountains in a square grid. I should have really explained that better eariler
  7. I think it would be good if we could have RCT 2 style and RCT 1 style go karts that way we can have both Pretty much this
  8. An option when a path is built on sloped ground, (Not in the air or over water) to remove the stairs and railings that are created with the path so that is is just the path
  9. Can we add the ability to change the park size so it does't have to be perfect square? (Eg. 20 x 100)
  10. It takes time to lay down a path and then place fences around it and i can get a bit technical and frustrating to some players. (Not me because I have played RCT 1 since I was 2, I was just that good) So when we are placing down paths can we get a button that shows you the available fences you have and select whether or not to place them with your path as you plot it down. (Eg. ) Select dirt path and underneath select a hedge to be place down with the path.
  11. An option to select an area shape (Eg. 6 x 8) and place all scenery in a grid like pattern. Instead on placing 1 Elephant fountain at a time, click a button near the paintbrush icon on the scenery tab and select grid size and place it on the ground
  12. Exactly what the title says. I kinda want it to be similar to RCT 1
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