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  1. Hi, there, this program is the best! I can play RCT 1 & 2 normally and on the best resolution on Windows 10. But there is one thing i don't understand. The scenario's from the original rct games are a lot more difficult than it was. Because: everything is more expensive! Can you do something about that? And there is another thing to, i can't intergrate the RCT 1 title music in your program, i'v did what the message say, but it don't recognizes it. I'm running the latest version of the program!
  2. Yes, i thougt that it would be awesome, but i understand now why they didn't do that. Maybe they can make a option for the one who want it
  3. A whole year has 12 months, why isn't that in the game? That will be amazing!
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