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  1. okay so it's 2 years since i asked about the limitations. are there any news about a new save format now? did not find anything in the changelog.
  2. Hey guys, just lurked through the changelog and saw this: Feature: [#3505] Allow up to 1024 items per scenery tab. in 0.1.2. Does this mean now that you can place more than 255 Things? What about the problem with guests leaving the park if the number gets too high?
  3. Of course i cannot imagine the difficulties to realize a project like that. Also, i wasn't aware that this is already prioritized. Keep up the good work!
  4. Hey Guys, i'm a huge fan of RCT2 and played it for hundreds of hours. But i think this is needless to point out b/c i suppose everyone in this forum might feel the same way. The reason why i've registrated here is to emphasize the importance of getting rid of the limitations. The only reason I'm not playing RCT2 anymore is because every park of mine gets limitated by the fact that you can only build/hire/whatever 255 Units of everything AND that the guests leave the park automatically when it's growing too big. Those two things are VERY annoying. The things you've done to R
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