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  1. Then maybe expanding color selection? There are colors that are already in a game but you can't paint it on a ride. Colors mark in red are examples. Turquoise on wooden coaster is just for reference.
  2. This is my first post on this forum. I don't know if someone already suggested this idea or if this is a place to suggest or convey new idea(s). But judging from it's name, I guess this is the right place. First thing first, customized color. Is it possible to add RGB color mixer (like in Parkitect) on top of the preset colors? Preset color that we've all been using for eon is nice. But now I feel 24 preset colors is not enough anymore. Sure 2 shed of orange is nice, but sometimes you want something in the middle. Or you want to use teal color on orange-water scenario. RGB Color mixer wou
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