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  1. Im a bit late for Roller Coaster Tycoons 20th anniversary, but I decided to make this as a tribute, Im not the best digital artist but I put in as much effort as I can.
  2. I should probably stick to small talk, considering I've got little to talk about. My favorite part about making a park is the theming, and my absolute favorites are doing a sci-fi theme using the space theming, martian theming, and the futuristic theming from time twister. Which brings me to ask this question. What are your favorite themes you like to do?
  3. Well im really glad that im not the only one here whos played it and liked it. Now the big question here is would y'all like to see frontier make a new thrillville game?
  4. As a person whos played so many theme park managment games. Does anyone remember thrillville? That game made by frontier, the people who made rollercoaster tycoon 3, and planet coaster, back in 2007. Because i hope im not the only one whos played both the original, and the sequel. But considering that frontier is pretty much back into the "roller coaster genre" with both scream ride, and planet coaster i just really hope that frontier makes another thrillville game in the future. Becuase i really loved all of what thrillville had, a well written story, a customizable character, On ride camera, mini games, and the party play multiplayer mode. Needless to say it probably wont happen sadly, but i still have my hopes and dreams.
  5. Thanks for sharing this! This will definitely come in handy in the future!
  6. Heres a question that popped into my head earlier. I was working on my mega park, and the park has certain plots of land, each with its own terrain, like one area is grassy with trees and the other is sandy with rivers. But after a while i kind of got tired of using the same terrain all over again. So far ive used every single ground type which comes to my question, is it possible to add custom terrain into the game? becuase i would LOVE to add much more variety to my park. And it would feel less repetitive.
  7. Heres a unique ride ive made on a server, Its an infinitely circling suspended swinging coaster thats enclosed. its power launched and goes a total of eight laps. My attempt at something different.
  8. Update: The scenario pack has been started, Ive began the first beginner scenarios, I haven't decided yet on how many total scenarios there will be.
  9. Actually i didn't know you already had a post apocolyptic themed map of your own but to be fair i guess it would count as an inspiration. Although it will be a bunch of scenarios like that.
  10. Im pretty new here, so i just want to start a topic. So many people have been doing alot of crazy things with OpenRct2. So ive decided that im going to do something crazy myself. What i plan on starting this year, is a post apocolyptic themed scenario pack. Kinda like a mad max styled wasteland theme. I may also include some of the custom designed coasters that i made in my "designing rollercoasters" short series. This may sound EXTREMELY ambitious, so who knows how long this pack could take once i start. If anyone has ideas for this possible scenario pack, Feel free to reply.
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