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  1. Sp, p, p spooky! Looks neat, I'll try it...
  2. I just started a new park called "Darwin Venture"... kinda was wanting to make it part Land of the Lost-Jurassic Park-zoo of the future... I created a ride using the Car Ride and used the Spheres to replace the cars then set the track on Elevator... Automated Augmented Reality Sphere Tour, kinda like the spheres in Jurassic Park. Concept being as the passengers ride through the path and past the displays, the augmented reality screens inside the vehicle shows cgi video of live action dinosaurs and animals. The excitement rating kinda blew my mind...
  3. Oh, sorry, did not realize this was already posted about at github.
  4. I'm having a weird issue. After downloading and installing 2ccc183 dev version, all my saved version of a park I'm working on has a vertical sign that is causing a crash when I try to click on it. It did have a ride name associated with it before, but now it just says "sign" and when I try to correct it it causes a crash. I thought at first it must be that that particular saved file of the park must have become corrupted, but all the other versions of the saved park also have the same issue. I will try maybe to revert back to an older ORTC2 version to see if I can retain the park. 57f11163-2fd3-45c4-b295-c8368c4f71ab(2ccc183_x86-64).dmp Old Town 18 18 crazy.sv6
  5. Ah... ok... corrupt element... I have more learning...lol... Does this cause much glitches in the graphics? I've noticed when I started playing around with clearance checks it seemed to create some glitches.
  6. Happy 69th, Vincent! Thank you, Gymnasiast... I was trying various things in the tile inspector to try this... glad to know I spent an hour or so in futility...
  7. This might of been already posted about... but I didn't find it... but I'm looking for a way to get rid of the queue line signs without getting rid of the queue lines. Is this possible? I'm hating those scrolling queue line signs and don't really have an option to cover it up with scenery on the map I'm working on.
  8. Thanks! I worked on it a little bit to get it timed just right, which is more just the time it takes the peeps to get to the trains, sometimes we get those ones that are meandering through the loading dock still sipping on their itty bitty drinks and slowing everything up... so it gets a little hiccup in the timing when the next train comes to the last block brake in front of the station. So moving the entrance to the middle shortens up the loading time and keeps it running pretty smoothly without the second of delay. I also noticed that the scenery that I had with it somehow isn't the off hand standard scenery, so I rethemed it with the standard objects, so that it can be used out of the box, costing about $8,500 with theme. All this for a stupid little coaster... lol... but I had to make it right... Old Town Woody.td6
  9. Are you using wifi or ethernet connection? It maybe not even be on your end...
  10. With my limited knowledge, I would start with what your computer is running in the background on the internet besides the game. Any extra bandwidth would help, so shutting down any non-essential programs that are using the internet... dropbox, skype, ...anything like. It also is determined by what speed your connection is, although OpenRCT isn't at all a bandwidth monster. If you are on wifi, there could be a lot of dirty air going on, if you have access to your router, and are using wifi, try connecting up using the ether connection if your computer has a network adapter. The faster the connection the better. Another determination is how far and how many hops the connection has to go through to get from you and the server, this will be basically out of your hands, unless you moved closer to it...
  11. Nothing special, just a little woody that could! In making a wooden coaster to fit into my "Old Town" map I've been working on, I made a little coaster that simply delivers. For the bang per buck, this little 1,800ft, $6,500 coaster can run 3 - 4 car 6 seater trains in a eloquently timed loop at a max height of 45ft to produce over 4,000 customers per hour, with an average of a little more than 5 seconds of air time, and with a foot print of just 6x23. With those trains it specs at about 6.2 Excitement 7.1 Intensity and 4,2 Nausea, without scenery. While articulated cars will boast the excitement, it will diminish customers per hour by about half. So if you're not one of those true to heart custom coaster enthusiasts, and are looking for a small little woody to plop in a map that doesn't look like a towering eye sore, this maybe the woody for you... ...ok, let the lambasting begin... Old Town Woodie.td6
  12. If the port that you're using for OpenRCT is closed on canyouseeme.org, then the other trying to connect to you isn't going to see you or be able to connect to you either. Try setting yourself up as the DMZ host to check the open ports on canyouseeme.org again... this is just temporary, just to see if your ports are being blocked by your ISP and if you have the port forward setup correctly.
  13. Did you port forward your router? Are you able to see it open at http://www.canyouseeme.org/? Are you both using the same version of OpenRCT2? Did you check your firewall, is there any other programs running that might claim the port your using... like Steam? It kinda sounds like there maybe some dirty bandwidth going on... make sure everything else in the background that is using the internet is shut down, might clean it up for it.
  14. MonkeyPaws

    Group Park 8

    The scenery is INSPIRING on this build. I love the Hauntception area, dig the boat, even the sky building is very cool. I suppose it's hard not to just plop in a coaster without spending time on the scenery around it and for it, but it makes a world of difference to the eye. Fantastic job on the scenery, guys and gals... I could only hope to have such an artistic quality to my parks.
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