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  1. Using a text editor can work, as most names are unchanged by the RLE compression used (not all though). However, short names may be mistaken for random noise and it's quite tedious to go through all the scenery items this way. I found it easier to write a script to parse the file.

  2. The hacky way of doing this is to open the file in a text editor. The DAT file names are just about the only plain text in there so they stand out - however, the RLE compression will alter some names (particularly those with double letters), so you'll struggle to find them all this way. Therefore I'll just give you the DAT file names (which I got by decompressing and parsing the file, so this list should be complete):

    MFT (Articulated wooden coaster; you can substitute another train but this is the one in the file)



    EDIT: I was wondering why the Millenium Flyer train was chosen since they didn't come into use until 1999, but then I realized what ride you're talking about. Tornado ran Prior & Church trains, which were articulated and very similar to the modern GCI design. As far as I know, there are only two rides left operating with those trains.




  3. The problem is that the brake run is the same length no matter how tall you build the ride. A drop ride ought to be able to handle 400+ ft easily but it needs a longer brake run than that to avoid excessive G forces (even though G forces aren't shown in the stats window for this ride you can see the massive spike if you look at the graph). I think it would be nice if the Intamin drop tower had brake pieces as well as normal pieces (though this would require a new save format). That would allow you to give taller rides longer brake runs, and you could also use it to create a "fake-out drop" like on Blue Fall (I think this is the only one that has it though, and it's a different model of ride to the one in the game).

  4. If it's actual portals you're after, check out this park. It's LL, but a similar bug affects RCT2 and I'm sure you could make something like this work. However, these portals are fairly short range and you have limited control over where the trains exit. What I would do in your situation is just loop the track back to the other end via an invisible underground track. There's no need to synchronize it, becuase you don't actually want the player to notice that it's the same car looped round - it's actually better if it takes some time to return so that the player is less likely to notice that it's just a loop of cars.

  5. 5 hours ago, ziscor said:

    If you don't mind, could you explain how I could replicate this effect? I need to make a railway track behind my park that can actually run trains without looking weird. I also wanted to then use this concept to make a highway that runs Pickup Trucks and Vintage Cars in two separate lanes.

    Basically, I need to make a portal precisely when the ride track meets the edge of the park which is directly linked to the opposite edge (which, in turn is connected to an invisible station).

    Here's the animation with scenery off. This is done using the block system; when the train arrives at the top of the lift the block ahead is occupied, so it's forced to wait. The block clears when the second train leaves the MCBR, and then they both take the same time to reach the portal at the bottom. Then the trains just keep switching roles until the last train hits the brakes.

    This would be a challenge to pull off using the car ride because of the lack of block sectioned mode. It ought to be possible to get the same effect using "synchronize with adjacent stations" as well (this is really just a themed duelling coaster), but done this way you have to hide the station if you want to preserve the illusion (because otherwise you would see the fact there's actually two trains at that point.


    I'm not sure why you think you need this though - if the aim is just to create a highway, does it matter if one train comes out the tunnel at the same time the other enters? I wouldn't bother trying to synchronize that if it were me.

  6. 1 hour ago, NightHawk said:

    Using the "Allow cars from other rides" cheat, the LIM coaster is missing in the dropdown list

    This has nothing to do with the LIM coaster specifically: dropdowns in RCT2 can only show up to 64 items, so if you have more rides available than that you won't be able to select all of them. The only workaround right now is to deselect some rides you're not using until the train type you want shows up in the list.

  7. 1 hour ago, imlegos said:

    There was a cash exploit, though I beleive it's patched in ORCT2.

    Yeah, that's not the kind of exploit I'm talking about. I meant something like a buffer overflow that can be used to manipulate memory, inject code and then transfer control to it. Also if you actually manage to do this you should probably, like, patch it or something. You don't want to be able to execute arbitrary code by loading a park.

  8. The Windows build does not save downloaded object files to the same ObjData folder that you point OpenRCT2 at. On my system they're located at AppData/Local/VirtualStore/Program Files (x86)/RollerCoaster Tycoon 2/ObjData, but I suspect that last part of the path will depend on where you've installed OpenRCT2. Probably the easiest way to find it is to search your filesystem for the name of an object file - it's likely you only have two or three copies of that file on your system so one of them will be the right one.


    I haven't had this problem on Linux, but I'm not 100% sure it doesn't do the same thing there as well. It's possible that it's trying to write them to a different folder and then crashing (it always segfaults after installing new objects for me).

  9. @imlegos They do not. However, you can hack a park in vanilla and then load it in OpenRCT2, and such hacks can cause issues from time to time. It's usually considered a bug in OpenRCT2 though, so if you've found a hacked park that won't work in OpenRCT2 you can post it to Github for the developers to look into.


    26 minutes ago, SensualEthiopianPolice said:

    I mean, who even needs them, Orct2 pretty much covers all the ground you could get with a hack.

    Lol, no. Several widely used hacks have yet to be implemented in OpenRCT2, like the ability to raise/lower map objects, the ability to set any track piece as a chain lift, and the ability to import a heightmap from an image file. Many people still rely on trainers for these features.

    8 minutes ago, SensualEthiopianPolice said:

    I think having them just installed might still affect the game

    Also no, where did you get that idea from? If the trainer isn't running then it can't affect anything.

  10. Actual ground textures are hardcoded, and you can't add new ones. However, there are custom scenery pieces made to look like ground that you can use. I know the Xtreme97 workbench has a couple of these, but it's not a large selection.

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  11. I noticed some things crash OpenRCT2 that don't crash vanilla. For example, if you create a custom ride with no default color schemes set, OpenRCT2 will crash with a floating point exception when you try to use it, but it used to work fine (I don't know if this is just coincidence, but it was a source of much confusion for me when it first started happening).

  12. The reason for the change was that dropdown menus can't currently support more than 64 entries, but people wanted the limit set as high as possible.  I considered having a spinner with the cheat enabled and a dropdown if not, but I'd rather keep it consistent (and simpler). I agree with @Gymnasiast here - a tooltip is the easiest solution.

  13. The weight placed on each factor is different for each ride type - wild mouse coasters get less of a penalty for lateral Gs, and some coasters get no benefit from inversions, for example - but the actual calculation doesn't differ, and most rides have the excitement and intensity severely reduced if a certain minimum drop size is not met (though the exact minimum depends on the ride).

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  14. 6 minutes ago, Broxzier said:

    @X7123M3-256: You might want to report your findings here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/3455

    My objective was to find out if the SV6 format would support such a hack, but @Spacek links to a park which has it, thus making my test pretty much irrelevant - if there's a park out there that does it, then it's definitely possible. It's just a matter of implementing the feature. If/when this is implemented I would change the name of the cheat from "Disable support limits" to "Disable height limits", as that would make clear it's not just supports anymore.

    As for why my script didn't work, I'm not sure, but I did only touch the surface tiles, so if there's anything else that needed to be updated at the same time that's probably the source of the problem.

  15. There is no way to remove the height limit for the ground in game at the moment. None of the existing console commands are for disabling limits - all that stuff is in the cheat window/menu. Console commands are mostly used for changing values like park rating or money.

    I decided to do some tests using an external script to move the land tiles up - but not only can I not break the limit, I can't even reach the existing limit - if I set the tile heights in the map data to 62 (the normal limit), it gets loaded as 54. Not sure what's going on there, so I'll have to have a closer look. This test is inconclusive.

    It may or may not be possible to remove the limit in a backward-compatible way, but I am not sure that it's baked into the save format - map elements in general can have clearance heights up to 255, so I'm not sure why surface tile behave differently. I might consult the source and see if I can find anywhere else where tile heights are stored.

  16. The crooked house is a flat ride, but it still has an associated track type (type 71) . All the draw functions do nothing, so setting a ride's track type to crooked house makes it invisible. This is one command, so it's much quicker than doing it through the tile inspector.

    However, there aren't draw functions for every track element. If your ride includes an unsupported element, the game will crash. Therefore, I would recommend always saving immediately before applying this hack. The boat ride should be fine though, as I don't think the boat ride allows any pieces that crooked house doesn't.

  17. The other use of patrol areas is keeping handymen out of queue lines. Queue lines never get littered, but handymen will spend most of their time winding their way up and down them if you let them.

    Also, you could probably hide a boat ride with the crooked house method instead. It's much faster since you don't have to click each tile individually, but if the ride contains unsupported elements your game will segfault (that should not be the case for a boat ride though). It's also much easier to switch back if you need to make the ride visible again to work on it.

  18. 47 minutes ago, YoloSweggLord said:

    Having an auto-generated gate system might take some time, but would it be possible for there to be an additional station sprite which not only makes the huts invisible, but the platform itself (leaving only the track)? This would allow us to make our own platforms with gates, even if they don't function properly.

    You can already do that - just make the station invisible with corrupt elements and then zero-clearance new track over the top (in the other direction, so it doesn't merge). In order to get the station platform to line up with the paths, it may be necessary to lower the ride 1 unit, which can't currently be done in OpenRCT2. I just put up with the clipping issues for now. It's not great, but it still looks better than the default platforms.

    You can make wide platforms this way as well as long as you have quarter-tile base blocks available (you'll also need quarter tile railing pieces for the gates).

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  19. Depends on the ride. You won't usually have kicker wheels on a mid-course brake run but you do often see them in the final brake run and in the station. Rides with magnetic brakes often have the brake run on a slight slope, with a clamp at the end to stop the train. When the train needs to move off again the clamp is simply released - the train will proceed forward under gravity. Some coasters that use linear motors for launching also use them for braking (such as most Maurer Sohne and Premier launched coasters). In this case the brake run is capable of launching the train, because it is also the launch run.

    I was thinking the problem is not that the train shouldn't be sped up at all, but that it shouldn't take place instantaneously like it does right now - it's not that noticeable when the train is only accelerating to 4mph, but for higher speeds it would look bad.

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