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  1. @janisozaur posts XP builds from time to time, here's one from a few days ago

    51 minutes ago, Sims_doc said:

    the reason he wants to play this over the original is because it doesn't have a ride limit or guest.


    OpenRCT2 does not remove the ride or guest limit (or any of the other limits as far as I'm aware). It cannot do this until a new save format has been introduced, which won't be until after all the vanilla code has been implemented.

  2. 39 minutes ago, Erik van Kaldekerken said:

    Does that mean that it's implemented in the build 14de1cd build version, but not yet in the stable version ? How can I download and implement it from the website into my game ?

    No, it is not in any of the official builds. It is only available from the link I posted (AFAIK). I don't think there's even a pull request for it yet.



  3. 1 hour ago, Erik van Kaldekerken said:

    Hey guys I'm back again...Found this on Facebook today: https://imgur.com/a/FXJzy#YAQTtRV

    I was wondering if this is already implanted in the game or if you guys are still working on that. It would be cool if this was implemented in the game. However I can't play RCT2 anymore, I must buy a new game, because I seem to have misplaced my disc somewhere. I know it's on Steam etc, but I prefer the real disc in my pc.

    Thanks a lot guys ;)


    It has been implemented but it's not in the develop build, it's a very new feature that's still being worked on. You can see it here. I've not tried it out myself yet so I don't know what it's like; as it's still experimental there may well be issues with it.

  4. 22 minutes ago, ziscor said:

    Upon reading the idea I too thought of it as a tracked ride, yeah. However, if someone were to go in that direction, it would destroy the feeling of randomness and gliding to the ride

    I'm not saying I think it should be a tracked ride, I'm saying that's the only way to do it at the moment. Animation sequences are hardcoded, so unless there's a ride already in the game that moves in a similar way you're SOL (in this case, the problem is that none of the rides have enough animation frames for the greater range of motion involved with this ride). There's also the problem of size: flat rides in RCT2 can't be larger than 4x4, and that's only for the dodgems/flying saucers. That's woefully inadequate for most actual flat rides - even some of the default rides are way undersized (for example, any actual Top Spin has two rows of guests, not one).

    22 minutes ago, ziscor said:

    Restaurants could be a flat ride with benches being the core vehicles and peeps sitting on them doing the eating animation would count as them being on the ride

    I suggest a much simpler solution:  add "tables" as a new path object. Actually, you wouldn't even need to do that - just change the benches so that the peep sprites are included in the DAT, and then tables would become a special case of that. That's all you'd have to do to get a working restaurant, and it'd be much more flexible since you could place the seats where you wanted instead of just plonking down a prebuilt "restaurant" object.

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  5. You can't really do a paradrop ride as a flat in the game as it stands. It would work as a tracked ride, but you'd have to hack the track to make it invisible since it's not actually tracked IRL, and you'd have to build the support structure from scenery. To implement it as an actual flat that doesn't require hacks to use would require a new object format - the flats in game are way too small and limited.

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  6. The half loop and half corkscrew are not available on the 4D track, and will crash the game if used, but you can select them anyway because of a bug. You should be able to build the quarter loop and inline twist without problems. This bug affects several other rides at the moment as well, if you get a crash trying to build a specific piece, check in vanilla to see if that piece is one you should be able to build.

  7. Are you building track pieces that aren't available on the ride? This has been a common cause of crashes recently as there's a bug causing track pieces to be incorrectly shown. If it's crashing as soon as you enter the coaster builder it's not this though.

    The B&M flyer and 4D coaster have in common that they allow inverted track, so this could be something completely different.

  8. Just now, jensj12 said:

    Usually no new features are added for something that can be done with custom objects

    By that argument we could remove the landscape editing tools entirely, because they can all be replaced by custom objects. To do this with CS is certainly possible, but awkward. You can't just make triangular shaped blocks (though that's what I've seen people do), because then when you try to use two of them on one tile you have two objects occupying the same quarter-tile, and therefore you'll get glitches (plus you'd need zero clearance to place them). Therefore you'd need to have one object for every pair of terrain textures (even if you don't care about potential glitches, this is needed anyway if you want the smoothed edge that the game gives). This would use up a lot of redundant object slots, and even if the limit were removed that's less than ideal. That said, this is the sort of feature that almost certainly would require a new format, so I don't expect to see it any time soon.

  9. 1 hour ago, ziscor said:

    Well, WolfMod does not require all clients to be running it to access most features. Only the server host requires to. Gymnasiast is one of those folk who said he knew this was possible before-hand, I think

    Do you have a link to that comment, because I'm really confused now. I'm assuming this is the mod and commit you're talking about. It implements a function named platform_get_hw_profile which is responsible for returning the hardware IDs. There is no implementation provided for Linux or Mac, only Windows, and that one in turn calls GetCurrentHWProfile(), which is a Windows API function that returns information about the hardware. There is no corresponding function in the main OpenRCT2 develop branch, so I'm assuming this is a function added by the mod, in which case, OpenRCT2 does not send or even collect this information, and WolfMod can only check hardware IDs for clients using WolfMod on Windows (as far as I can tell, it does allow clients using the official build to connect, but it does not check hardware IDs in that case). If I'm incorrect here I'd like to know how it can obtain hardware information without being sent it (unless the official build does send this data after all?).

  10. 1 hour ago, ziscor said:

    Only the server needs to have a different branch and all clients would be able to come under affect of the modified code (for a non-deviated build).

    I'm not sure how that works since your proposal requires clients to send the server information that I'm pretty sure the official build doesn't send. I'll see if I can find this mod you're talking about and see if this is actually what it's doing. Is the mod itself open source or is it only distributed in binary form?


    1 hour ago, ziscor said:

    In fact, do you expect 100% of impersonators and griefers to be capable of exploiting/ by-passing such measures?

    Perhaps not 100%, but it only takes one to bypass it and then upload their modified version somewhere. There was a post a while ago where somebody noticed that some of the cheat permissions weren't validated server-side and posted a tutorial to Reddit on how to bypass them.


    2 hours ago, ziscor said:

    I can see one very important use of hardware-ID tracking for now in WolfMod: Auto-grouping. For example, you've got a certain bunch of people who you want to be instant Moderators or Admins when they join forever.

    Yep, that would work, but so would a password. My point is that sending hardware IDs can't prevent people from circumventing bans. It could be used as authentication but I still think a password is better, as it would allow people to access the same account from multiple computers, and it can be changed if it gets leaked.

  11. You're missing the point. The server does not know the clients hardware ID unless the client sends that information. Therefore the client does not need to change the ID, just send a different value, and the server has no way to verify that. You cannot trust data that is sent by the client. This is especially true since this is an open source game, which means changing the code is trivially easy, and once one person does that and creates a fork that bypasses this check, the whole system is moot. That's what @janisozauris saying and he's absolutely right. Implementing this sort of check into an open source game is a terrible idea. Even if it was closed source, it would only buy time before somebody figured it out.

    IP addresses can't be spoofed because you then wouldn't be able to connect to anything, but you can still get around an IP ban by routing through proxies, and some people have a dynamic IP in the first place so they are not a foolproof solution.

    One option would be to make it more difficult to create new accounts - for example, you could make every new account have no build permissions until they've spent x amount of time on the server, require some sort of proof of work for new signups, or requrie an existing account on another website before you can sign up. The problem with any such approach is that it will also create a barrier for people new to the game.

    You can, however, prevent people from impersonating another user who has already registered an account. There are various ways of doing that as @janisozaur already mentioned.


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  12. What you see is not machine language - the file is a binary file so it contains characters text editors can't handle. What you see will depend on the editor and character set you're using - some don't show them at all, some show a placeholder, and some show the hex code in a little box. However, the names you're looking for are actually text - and they are pretty much the only actual text to be found in the file.

    You're just looking for anything that's not garbled nonsense. Take a look at this screenshot:


    Highlighted in red are the names of scenery objects included in the file. The blue circles are also scenery objects, but the names have been changed by the compression. Those names all begin with "WALL", and the double L is RLE compressed which means there's a length specifier before and after. Knowing this, and comparing with the list above, you can work out which objects these are, but unless you've memorized the contents of your ObjData folder you probably won't be able to do this for every object.

    Once again, I don't seriously recommend this method - it was the first thing I thought to try so I casually mentioned it. Between the fact that some names will be compressed, and the fact that even a fairly small design might have a lot of scenery objects to work through, you aren't likely to get a comprehensive list this way, even if you spend the time to pick through the whole file. I gave up after picking out just a handful of objects, and then decompressed the file and read out the scenery items with a script.

    The list I've given you above is every DAT file needed to build this track - just use that.


    1 hour ago, Przemek said:


    allowing custom content on servers made connecting to them almost impossible


    No it hasn't. The vast majority of custom content will be downloaded automatically when you connect to the server. This usually results in immediate disconnection while your computer installs the downloaded files, but you should then be able to reconnect to the server without issue.

    If you see the message "requires Add-On Pack", that means the server is using expansion content, not custom content. Expansion objects will not be exported and you will need to install the expansion packs (or just the objects if you'd prefer) in order to connect to those servers.

  14. Using a text editor can work, as most names are unchanged by the RLE compression used (not all though). However, short names may be mistaken for random noise and it's quite tedious to go through all the scenery items this way. I found it easier to write a script to parse the file.

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