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  1. 19 hours ago, Spacek said:

    Aren't peeps going to the entrance and the mechanic going to the exit? There's a weird thing where if I mouse-over a hut with the path tool that the path will disconnect from the hut after I move the mouse off.

    You were correct - the exit was disconnected but peeps will always leave the exit whether connected or not, so it appeared to function fine until the mechanic tried to enter through the exit. The worst thing is, I can't seem to fix it without disconnecting the entrance - zero clearance and paths do not mix well.

  2. The real difficulty with something like this is that it means runs are no longer reproducable, so you can no longer extrapolate behaviour from a single test. At the moment there are only subtle variations in train speed from peep loading, so each run is more or less the same.

    I'm also not sure how easily implemented this is - every track piece has a brake speed anyway, so it shouldn't need modification of the save format, but at the moment the train stops and starts instantaneously in block brakes - if you allowed increasing the block brake speed, that would be a problem, because you don't want block brakes to be able to accelerate the train significantly like they did in RCT3, you want to let the train through at the specified speed only if the block is clear and otherwise stop it completely.

    I don't think we need an E-stop button because the game does that automatically whenever any kind of breakdown occurs. Maybe it could also be available as a cheat, but I think there's already a cheat to force a safety cut out, which does the same thing really.

  3. The point of testing is to ensure the ride works; people complain about the difference the weight of the peeps makes, so I think that testing should stop the train in each block. Actually, I think the game should run two tests, both with and without the blocks engaged, because it is necessary also to ensure that the ride is safe at the higher speed.

    The game's ratings are only affected by the stats, most of which record the maximum value of each quantity, and the train should be moving slowly at the point where the blocks are located anyway, so the difference should be subtle.

  4. I watched a mechanic walk up to the exit of the ride, turn around, walk up to the entrance, turn around, then leave and walk halfway across the park, still trying to find the ride. I'd have thought it something to do with zero clearanced paths (they have caused me endless trouble as they refuse to connect properly) - but peeps have no problem finding that ride. I still don't know what the problem is.

    Also, the logic for setting staff patrol areas seems broken in the latest develop build - the squares appear partially gray and partially blue (and tiles assigned to other staff members do not show up at all, instead of showing up in gray like they normally do). I might make an issue about that.

  5. Not necessarily - it switches to the first track piece on the tile.  If you build the track with the blocks first (as I usually do), then you have to switch the tracks around in the tile inspector so it switches onto the alternate track instead. If you build the merged track first then that should not be necessary - I like to build the blocks first so I can ensure the block system is working before switching the trains onto the alternate track. I know this definitely works, because I've used it for all three coasters in my current park.

  6. Block brakes on merged rides are actually already possible - the trick is to make sure that all the blocks are on the same circuit - which needs to be a complete circuit - but the train doesn't actually have to stay on that track between the blocks. You can merge it onto another track, and then merge it back before the block section. The parts of the other track that the train does not run on can either be built underground or made invisible with corrupt elements.

  7. I'm not really looking for video of the ride running, more the SV6 file you used. It's hard to be sure exactly what the problem is if I can't reproduce it. But I have already observed that strange things happen when you mix long trains with block brakes - this sort of thing should almost be expected at the moment. I'd recommend saving your game before using cheats marked "unstable" for this reason.

  8. When a ride is running in block sectioned mode, the trains will spawn at each block section. If the block brakes are more closely spaced than the trains are long, then they overlap like this. Sometimes they will move apart if you let the ride run, and sometimes you have a train spanning two blocks, which prevents the ride from ever moving. I'm not sure if that's what's happening here, but without seeing the ride run it's hard to tell.

  9. I've had this glitch happen on multiple occasions. It appears that you have built the track leading away from the switch in the wrong direction - you need the little yellow arrow to point in the direction you want the trains to face, not the direction the trains should move. If you do not want the tracks to merge; as is the case if you're adding a second track for aesthetics, switching the order of the track elements in the tile inspector usually prevents this bug from occuring.

    Also, your switch track needs to be long enough to accomodate the full length of the train, otherwise you will split it in two. This is probably not what you want.

  10. The checksums can be corrected by some care is required. If you recalculate the checksum to match the modified file, the ride will become exporting but it will not be treated as the same ride - you end up with two copies, and existing parks will continue to load the broken one.

    The solution I use is to instead tack on some extra bytes in order to make the original checksum correct again. Then the original file can be replaced by the corrected version and the game will not notice. OpenRCT2 is supposed to do this correction automatically, but it does not always work properly.

    As a rule of thumb, tracked rides that aren't my own are usually created in Buggy's ridemaker, and hence unexporting. Flat rides do not trigger the bug and so should always work. If you do not get this error message when loading the park, then either all rides exported properly, or the park was not exported at all.

  11. This error message means the save file contains a packed object whose checksum does not match the contents of the file. In theory, this indicates that the object has been corrupted, and the game stops loading of that object.

    In practice, there is usually nothing wrong with the object, it just has the wrong checksum. This is because some custom objects include nonzero bytes in locations that are zeroed by the loader - these bytes are zeroed when the object is loaded, but the checksum is not updated. When the object is packed into the save file, it has the wrong checksum. When you reopen the park, you see this message.

    If you already have the object installed then the object is loaded from your ObjData folder anyway, and this is just a warning. If you do not have the object installed the object load will fail and you will be unable to open the park (unless you have "Allow loading with incorrect checksums" enabled, which disables this check entirely). OpenRCT2, unlike vanilla, does recalculate the checksum of objects upon saving - this was supposed to fix the issue but it doesn't work in all cases.

    As long as you are able to load the park then this message can be ignored for the most part, but if you are sharing the park online you should also upload copies of all the objects that aren't exporting so that those who don't have them can install them. This is especially important if you expect the park to be opened in vanilla, which doesn't allow bypassing the checksum test.

  12. 23 minutes ago, MidnaGamer said:

    Makes sense, but it's also dumb.

    It's not dumb, the stable builds get behind really quickly. The last stable was released a couple of weeks ago, but since then they've added the ability to rotate objects in the tile inspector, the ability to change track types of existing rides, and numerous bugfixes.  Things are being added all the time, and if you wait for them to reach stable that means several more months of ad-hoc solutions and workarounds for features not yet implemented. IMO it's worth putting up with a few more bugs, especially as they tend to get fixed quickly anyway.

  13. This is actually already possible, it's just that in the vanilla game it's only used to change water colors. You can create a DAT file with the palette you want, and set that as the water type for the park. This doesn't seem to be that frequently used, possibly because there are limits to how much you can change the palette without making existing objects look awful, but I've seen a couple of parks use this to create a grayscale effect.

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