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  1. Just now, DaKoasterNerd said:

    That is completely true. I find that the Air Powered RC trains were originally designed to go upside down. I have used an Air-Powered train on Twister Track - made the loop with no graphic issues at all.

    They weren't designed to go upside down and neither were the real ones. However, an interesting quirk of the game is that any ride that has sprites for vertical slopes must also have sprites for vertical loops. So those sprites were rendered but apparently never intended to be used. An even more extreme example is the reverse freefall coaster - it has sprites for turns, sloped turns, steep turns, verticals and loops, but it can't do any turns or loops. It has hundreds of sprites and only uses a small fraction of them. I don't know why they bothered rendering these sprites instead of just leaving them blank, but those images have to be present in the file in order to have the vertical slopes.


    Just now, DaKoasterNerd said:

    The Heartline Twister coaster is a bit difficult to work with (limited elements available). For the park I am building at the moment, I have merged it with LIM coaster track so it can turn and do immelmann type elements (for example). 

    TOGO pipeline coasters don't turn. They're also pipeline coasters - they wouldn't be able to run on traditional coaster track, hence the unusual tubular track design. All but one is a stock layout, though there is one with a dive loop in place of one of the reversing sections. They're limited in game because they're limited in real life, but they're even more limited in game than they are IRL. The real ones have a vertical elevator lift to start the ride - since this can't be done in game and you don't even have a vertical slope with which to fake it, you'd have to use a track merge just to make a realistic layout.

    I also like building 4D coasters - one of the most interesting designs to work with for certain. However, the real life layouts are very large, all very similar, and difficult to do well in game, which doesn't give a lot of flexibility, so I usually build mine based on the Arrow concept layouts instead of the designs actually found in parks today. They're smaller, more practical, and have more diverse layouts so you can do things like put a raven turn straight off the lift hill. I wish one had been built.

  2. Few of the default rides are hard to build with when they're used to represent the rides they're intended to represent (rather than as a stand in for a ride not in the game), but one that stands out is the Air Powered Vertical coaster. It's missing basically all the track pieces, so the only layouts you can build are different sized versions of the track that comes with the game. It's true that Thrust Air coasters weren't much more than that, but the lack of even gentle slopes makes it hard to make it look good. I expect the one in the game is based on the prototype, where there were no gradients apart from the top hat and the curves were flat on the ground.

    Another obvious one is the heartline twister coaster - no elevator lift means you can't build a realistic layout at all. Even with hacks it's difficult to make work well.

  3. You need to edit config.ini and change game_path to the location where RCT2 is installed (if you use the launcher, I think you can set the game path there instead). The directory you select should contain the rct2.exe executable, and the subdirectories "Data" containing the files g1.dat and several files of the form css<number>.dat, and "ObjData" containing a large number of .DAT files. It is not the directory where you installed OpenRCT2 (some people seem to have got those mixed up). It is also not the location of the game disk or installer.

    The path to this directory depends on where you got the game from - normally, it would go somewhere in C:/Program Files, but if it's installed in the default location OpenRCT2 will normally find it automatically, so this probably means you've installed the game somewhere else (on another drive, perhaps?). If you can't find it, search your computer for rct2.exe.

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Zoomer36 said:

    On a related note, anybody know the limit for rides/attractions in openrct2? In standard it's 128, but I hit 132 in another park.

    These limits have not changed from vanilla. I think you may be confusing two things:  the limit on the number of ride types is 128, but the limit for the number of rides is 255. You can have up to 255 rides on the map but only 128 ride types can be loaded at once, so if you have more than 128 that means you have multiple rides of the same type.

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  5. 2 hours ago, joshmarsilio said:

    Well this is making the current version practically unplayable

    We know that but nobody has been able to fix the problem. If you would like to have a go, feel free. The AI was pretty primitive in RCT2, though there are definitely cases where OpenRCT2 causes problems and vanilla doesn't. OpenRCT2 does fix the maps so peeps can choose destinations further away than they could in vanilla, and that makes them more likely to get lost. This might be the only cause of the problem, or there might have been a mistake made when implementing those functions.

    1 hour ago, joshmarsilio said:

    i sometimes suspect that you all are purposely sabotaging this game. 

    Seriously? Nobody is sabotaging the game. It is still very much incomplete, they haven't even finished reverse-engineering the vanilla code yet. Until we have our own save format there are hard limits on what can be changed. A rework of peep AI will happen eventually but not right now.


    1 hour ago, joshmarsilio said:

    well you were quick to respond to my first message perhaps you've gone to sleep????

    Not everyone is online all the time, it's very possible that Cascadia is asleep or has something else to do.

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  6. I believe this is not possible - even with cheats. I wasn't aware of a workaround but the technique suggested by @jensij12 sounds like it should work, at least where the stations are only seperated horizontally. Another option is to make a mobius loop and use block brakes to sync it.


    I have not tested what happens when you start reassigning stations or having trains arrive at a station that belongs to a different ride - but I am doubtful that either would make this work. This probably needs a new feature to be added to work properly, but I'm not sure that it can be without a new file format.

  7. On 7/13/2016 at 16:41, CharlieP said:

    Are there other items the console can do besides the ones listed on github?

    There is at least one command not listed in the in-game help  - but Github has the source code from which the game is built, so if a command isn't present there then it either doesn't exist or hasn't been merged into develop yet.

  8. 14 minutes ago, jensj12 said:

    didn't hit the object limit, I hit the image limit (same as sprite limit right?).

    I'm not sure it is the same. Sprites are things like peeps, litter, and coaster cars. The limit is around 10000, but I don't think you usually get an error for it - it just stops spawning new ones.

    It looks like you recieved that error message when you selected that object, which means it isn't the object limit and probably isn't the sprite limit either. Given that the error originates from gfx_object_allocate_images, it looks there's a limit on how many images you can have loaded at once. I don't think this will stop you from building on the map (until you hit the object limit), but it would stop you from loading new objects unless you unload an existing one.

  9. 15 minutes ago, jensj12 said:

    We've hit the image limit of the game, so I guess we can't continue until the limits are raised:

    Are you sure you can't place anything, or is it just that you can't load new objects? It shouldn't crash either way - if you hit the object limit you get a message box when you try to place things.

  10. I think I prefer the AE swimming pool ride to a hacked waterslide, because the peeps are animated and their movement is randomized. AE's peep sprites don't look as good as the game's, but since there isn't a body slide in the vanilla game, you need to use a custom one anyway.

    Also, SLDTUBE1 and SLDBODY are missing from that list.

  11. The pathfinding AI does not take into account transport rides - guests will not ride transport rides in order to get to a destination. The peeps do not know that the ride will take them off the island, so they just keep trying to find a path out. To fix this would need an overhaul of the peep AI, which is really needed IMO - RCT2's AI was too simplistic but in OpenRCT2 it's even worse.

  12. 1 hour ago, BlazingEmpireHD said:

    The boys at OpenRCt2 haven't made it be possible either.

    This is incorrect - steep slopes were made available on the Junior coaster two months ago. The junior coaster track shares sprites with the water coaster so these pieces could be added relatively easily. However, for whatever reason, they forgot to include the diagonals. The required sprites for diagonal tracks are in the game, so I think this should be considered a bug. I will submit a pull request to fix it.


    EDIT: The PR has now been merged. Updating to the latest version should fix this problem.

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  13. No changes are required to OpenRCT2 to do this. Vehicles have always been stored in .DAT files; all that's required to make RCT1 rides work is for someone to transfer the RCT1 sprites to the RCT2 file format. I already did that for the RCT1 mini suspended coaster, and I know it's also been done for the RCT1 spinning coaster and possibly some other rides as well.

    However, RCT1 uses 16 frame rotations and RCT2 uses 32 frame rotations. The solution I used was to simply double up the sprites, but be aware that the animation won't be as smooth as normal RCT2 rides. Also, the sprites are not in the same order within the file - I had to reorder them manually, though I'm sure if you were looking to port every ride you might be able to find some sort of pattern to it.

    For the Junior coaster specifically, I would prefer to use a custom ride with the required sprites because RCT1 sprites look awful and out of place when used in RCT2, but I don't know if a custom junior coaster exists. Maybe I should make one (though my rides look pretty awful as well so that's probably not an improvement).

  14. 4 hours ago, Wuzzy said:

    X7123M3-256, by your logic the +5000$ cheat is not a cheat because it does neither cause a glitch nor overrides limitations. :P

    It overrides the limitation on how much money you have, and is therefore a cheat. That limitation is essential to gameplay - the ability to override it completely obviates the point of tracking money.

    I am saying that the ability to change car types is never something that should have been restricted - and indeed it isn't for some rides already. Many rides do allow alternate car types that could be switched in game,  such as the Arrow suspended or the B&M hyper coaster (which, for some reason, allows cars to be interchanged with the Giovanola hypercoaster - pretty sure those cars shouldn't be able to be switched), but for some reason not every ride that could have been handled this way is. The need for the cheat would be eliminated if the default groups actually reflected which rides can run on which track. For example, the vertical drop coaster should be (and is) seperate from the rest of the B&M rides because DM track is wider, yet B&M sitdown, standup, and floorless trains ought to be interchangeable, but they aren't. The groups are also hardcoded and you can only have one per track type, which often forces you to seperate rides that really belong together. Fixing this would require a new object format however.


    4 hours ago, Wuzzy said:

    But this is not even the main issue here. The more serious thing about this feature is that it allows you to use tracks with pieces you haven't even researched, I think this is a real bug.

    You cannot research track pieces, only objects. Like I said before, I think that if a track piece genuinely shouldn't be available on a given ride then using this feature shouldn't unlock it, and if it does then I'd agree that should be fixed, but many track pieces are missing for no good reason, like the missing steep to flat piece on the Arrow looper that is allowed on the Arrow hyper (which shares a track style). They've already added steep slopes to the junior coaster, and I've been experimenting with allowing corkscrews on the dive machine. If the game is allowing you to select vehicle types you haven't researched yet, that's a bug in the implementation of the feature that needs to be fixed, and not a reason to make the feature itself a cheat. I think that this feature, properly implemented, need not confer an advantage to players who use it, and if it does, then that should be fixed rather than relegating a potentially useful feature to a cheat.


    I do not know if the issues you've brought up were an oversight or an inherent limitation of the current codebase, since I didn't implement this feature. But with the eventual switch to a new file format, any such remaining limitations could be removed anyway.


    4 hours ago, Wuzzy said:

    Is OpenRCT2 not a reimplentation of RCT2?

    It's long past that point now. It's now an improved version of RCT2, so if something will improve the game, I don't see why it needs to be made a cheat just because it's different. It could be made an option, so people can choose whether or not to enable it. And this feature, in particular, is already an option - if you'd rather not use it you can turn it off. I don't have it enabled because it makes it hard to tell what objects are available from the ride selection menu.

  15. Disable locked scenarios is an option, not a cheat, and I think it should remain so. The original game does not have a means to lock scenarios and I prefer it that way - I don't see why you should be required to tackle the scenarios in order, though a lot of people did want this feature. Sorting by difficulty shouldn't disable the setting if you have it enabled though, that could be a bug.


    Allow testing of unfinished tracks should probably have gone in the cheat menu rather than the options IMO, since at present the vehicles crash if you do this. No test crashes fixes that problem but should probably remain a console command for now because of the awkward way it is implemented (double closing and retesting the ride as soon as it crashes), but if that were replaced with something a bit cleaner I think the feature could be enabled by default. RCT3 had this feature and it is useful - it saves time having to build a temporary connection to the station so you can check what you've built so far.


    18 minutes ago, Wuzzy said:

    Also, in the options, all cheat-related features which could not be part of the in-game cheat menu (e.g. unlocking scenarios) could maybe go into their own (perhaps hidden) tab.

    Cheats and debugging tools are already in their own tab and you can hide both in the options if you want to


    27 minutes ago, Wuzzy said:

    Also, the debugging tools can somewhat act like cheats, so they should be more “hidden” or moved somewhere else.

    The debugging tools are cheats, and I don't know how useful they really are for debugging. I think the menu would be better named "hacks", but I don't think it should be merged with the cheat menu as the debug tools let you edit the map data in ways that can crash the game or cause problems if not used carefully, whereas cheats generally have fewer side effects and do something more specific. I think this distinction is significant.

  16. I don't think this should be a cheat. I think the best solution is to prevent changing car types to one that doesn't have allow the track pieces currently used, and to prevent building track pieces that the currently selected train type does not allow or doesn't have sprites for (since many trains just allow everything). Then have a cheat to bypass that and let you build everything.

    8 minutes ago, Wuzzy said:

    Under RCT2 rules, you would have to destroy the old track instead and build a new one, which makes you lose money

    Which is stupid, changing cars IRL does not involve demolishing and rebuilding the track. I don't think everything that changes gameplay should be considered a cheat - only things that can cause glitches or override limitations that are supposed to be there.

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  17. Update to the latest version before reporting bugs, especially when your current version is now a month old. OpenRCT2 recieves updates constantly - if you haven't updated in more than a few days then you probably don't have the latest version, and the bug may since have been fixed.


    This is a known bug but it was fixed 18 days ago and should not be present in the latest develop.

  18. I usually use a tracked ride with a shoestring and invisible track for that sort of thing. It looks better than just peeps falling implausibly slowly, but it's very difficult to make work if compatibility with vanilla is required (because both OpenRCT2's invisibility cheats don't work reliably in vanilla).


    But I see the use case, I just don't think it's a good idea to implement a feature solely to make something like that work when you could instead implement a feature that makes it unecessary (i.e better custom flat ride support). I know the latter is a long way off, however.

  19. 16 hours ago, TheFrench said:

    Increase the height of the map so that we can dig more deeply

    This has already been done, the limit was raised from 120 to 320 ft. However, a further raise might be possible - I'm not sure if this is the absolute limit. Removing the limit entirely would require a new file format.


    16 hours ago, TheFrench said:

    No limit for the objects available when building a scenario (although I assume it has already been suggested)

    This has been suggested over and over again but it can't be done until the save format is changed.


    16 hours ago, TheFrench said:

    Mechanics being able to enter a ride from the entrance (enables not to connect the exit, from which visitors can easily fall to a lower path)

    I think mechanics already can enter through an entrance if they are unable to locate the exit. But I don't think we need to explicitly support leaving the exit disconnected, that would probably kill the peeps IRL.


    16 hours ago, TheFrench said:

    Support a script language (like Lua) for example to make customized scenarios

    Well, you don't need a scripting engine to make custom scenarios, that's what the scenario editor is for. I've thought about the potential use for this but I'm not sure it's there - there are certainly some hacks for which a scripting engine would be very useful, but the number of people who do that sort of thing seems low. You'd really want this for things where a script would be helpful but the desired functionality doesn't justify being added as a feature. I thought of using it for something like procedural generation of buildings or terrain, or processing passes over the entire map to do things like remove duplicate objects or things incompatible with vanilla.


    EDIT: The actual terrain limit is 600ft, I'm not sure why OpenRCT2 only allows up to 320. Seems the limit was raised, but not as far as it could have been.

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