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  1. The darker red means the server is offline or unreachable. Check that you have entered the correct IP address for the server, and that the server host has forwarded the correct port to the correct machine (if you are not on the same LAN). If it still doesn't work, check to see if there are any firewall rules that might be blocking it.
  2. Once a cheat is activated it stays activated until you turn it off or close the game, but the status of cheats isn't saved anywhere. Every time you start OpenRCT2, all cheats are turned off. I don't think there's currently a way to set cheats to be on by default.
  3. X7123M3-256

    Cheat ideas.

    Interesting, I never noticed that. It might be possible to implement a cheat to disable that.
  4. You can also skip the wall and just use the tile inspector to disconnect the paths. Also, if you want to have benches arranged in groups of four (like they're sitting around a table), you can disconnect all the path edges and leave the diagonals connected (this can make guests get lost so you might have to reconnect some paths to fix it).
  5. X7123M3-256

    Cheat ideas.

    Which rides can crash on sharp turns? I can't think of any, even those that really ought to like the bobsled. There is a cheat to make guests ignore intensity ratings. I don't think there's a cheat that forces guests to ride everything they come across though.
  6. Those are the game's installation files. If you have already installed the game, you need to find where it was installed to (searching your filesystem for rct2.exe may help). If you have not yet installed the game, you need to do so before you can start OpenRCT2. To do that, you can either run the installer (Autorun.exe), or, if you're not on Windows, you may prefer to use a program like innoextract to obtain the needed files from the archive. You should end up with a directory that contains rct2.exe and several subdirectories. You should point OpenRCT2 at this directory and it will expect to find g1.dat in the "Data" subdirectory. Don't rename random files to g1.dat - this will not help and may break the installer if you try to run it. If you don't see g1.dat you're looking in the wrong place; it does not go by any other name.
  7. Are you trying to import a hypercoaster or a corkscrew coaster? Hypercoasters can't have the corkscrew piece. If you have "select rides by track type" enabled, then the hypercoaster and the corkscrew coaster are grouped together, so you will be able to build the layout with inversions but you will get this error if you try to open it with hypercoaster trains. If that's the case, change the train type to the corkscrew coaster and you will be able to open the ride (assuming it's available in your scenario). IIRC, there isn't a cheat that will allow you to run hypercoaster trains on a ride with inversions (unless you merge it), which is unusual as you can do this with almost all other trains. This behaviour should probably be changed.
  8. X7123M3-256

    Group Park 6

    This isn't a hard limit, you can deselect those categories and use them for something else if you want to (but I think you'll have to use ParkDat because OpenRCT2 doesn't let you).
  9. Yes it is. It's just that not many people actually play it on mobile because the UI is difficult to use with a touch screen. OP is probably talking about RCTC.
  10. You can create a custom scenery group. However, I believe there's a limit on the number of items in a scenery group (though I'm not convinced that limit could not be removed - I think it's tied to the UI code rather than the save format). Putting every scenery object you use for a park in a single custom group is therefore unlikely to work. You could, however, have several groups - a group for roofs, a group for landscaping, one for supports, etc. If you want to use the same selection of scenery every time you start a new park, I would just create a blank map with that scenery selected and use that as your starting point.
  11. Wait, you rant about people ruining others work and insult the developers, then you log onto a server and trash it? What point were you trying to prove? That you're exactly the type of person you're complaining about? This is already the case. You have a keypair generated for you. The server admin can configure permissions based on your key and your username is tied to that. Once you've been assigned to a group, another user can't log on with your name. If you try to log on with a username that's already in use, you'll be renamed. This will persist even if you're not currently connected to that server (try to log onto the NE server as X7123M3-256 and you'll see what I mean). You can read more about the authentication system here.
  12. There's already quite a bit done on this. Server operators can set permissions for users to do specific things and few now allow people to build without prior approval. This seems to have cut down on the trolling - at least, I've not noticed any on the NE server where I've spent the most time. There isn't anything that can be done to prevent those with malicious intent from connecting to servers entirely, as unfortunately most clients aren't RFC 3514 compliant. Looking at the Github history, the OpenRCT2 devs are committing almost every day. That's a lot more than I've done and I suspect it's probably more than you've done as well, so I don't know on what grounds you accuse them of being "lazy". If you want something implemented, you're free to submit a PR yourself.
  13. @Tune is right - flipping a sprite in screen space is not equivalent to flipping it vertically, you are reflecting it in a plane parallel to the viewport. There is not enough information in a 2D sprite to mirror it vertically - for example, if you wanted to mirror a cube, the bottom surface would now need to be on top. But the bottom surface isn't in the sprite because it is hidden. The lighting would also be mucked up as @Broxzier pointed out. I would just make two versions of your object. Maybe if we get a new file format, there could be the option for a single object file to include sprites for the mirrored version.
  14. I'd suggest actually starting on the project before asking for contributors - I don't think people are likely to want to contribute to a project that doesn't look like it's going to go anywhere, especially when you've explained nothing of what you're trying to achieve or why you're doing it.
  15. There isn't really anything to figure out here. The only mechanism RCT2 has for animating scenery based on the passage of a ride is the doors - so that's how you do it. If the scenery item you're trying to make can't be made as a door, then it can't be done in RCT2. A portal should be something you can make though - assuming you only need a few frames of animation. Like flat rides, there are severe limitations and lots of things aren't possible - it's better to first look at what you have, and then think of things you can do with it. For example, I think you could make TTD style traffic lights for launched coasters that change to green when the train launches. Manta style splash effects are also a possibility. If you really wanted , you could use a shoestring to shift the trigger point (so it animates before or after the train actually passes) and remove the restriction that the scenery be placed directly on the track. With that, I reckon you could potentially make crude but working dive machine splashes, anti-rollbacks or fire effects. This might be getting into the realm of "you can technically do this but nobody is going to bother" however. If you want a train to go through and not glitch, it needs to be a door, regardless of whether it's animated. Door sprites are split into left and right halves precisely because they are intended for trains to pass through. Path banners are also split like this, but I don't think you can remove the scrolling text so a door is your best bet.
  16. If you do not yet know what you intend to implement, why are you so sure that you want to start a separate project? If you decide to start from scratch you're in for a lot of work. Of course, there are situations in which that's something you'd want to do, but I would expect to have a good idea of what I'm trying to implement before deciding the best way to implement it. Even if you're set on starting an independent project, I'd suggest you could benefit from contributing to OpenRCT2 (or FreeRCT) anyway, because as a beginner programmer you're unlikely to be able to implement a complete game on this scale right away, and working with the existing codebase will help you gain familiarity with how a game like this goes together. Also, remember that OpenRCT2 will be getting a new save format in future and then some of the restrictions we have now will be lifted.
  17. Are you intending to fork OpenRCT2 or start from scratch? And if the latter, why?
  18. I googled HEUR.AdvMLB and it had this to say: So it thinks OpenRCT2 is suspicious for some reason but it's not matching against known malicious code. I think it's more than likely a false positive, but I'm not sure how you could conclusively check. If you're using the launcher it's probably downloading a new copy of the game every time it finds the old one missing. Another possibility is that the problem file is one that OpenRCT2 will recreate on startup, but I'd find it very odd if anything other than the executable would trigger a warning like this.
  19. No, the ride type that matters is the one for the ride whose ratings are being calculated. Track merges don't change that, they just redirect the trains onto track belonging to a different ride. Merges will not affect ratings, but increasing the speed will (though not to an extreme degree unless you make it ridiculously fast). It may be nothing to do with the splash boats. Ratings are queued up and calculated sequentially - if you have a ride somewhere that has not finished calculating the ratings (usually because the trains are stuck and not returning to the station), then no subsequent rides will get ratings until it has done so.
  20. You can reduce the autosave frequency or turn autosaving off altogether in the options window. Yes, use the object selection from the debug menu. Yes it was - ParkDat does this.
  21. Yes, this sounds like a bug. Those pieces definitely should not be available on this ride. Ordinarily, you can work around track piece restrictions using arbitrary ride type changes, but that does not seem to work here. I doubt the ride would actually complete a circuit without crashing if you did this. It is probably possible to put the pieces on the ride somehow but I don't think you'll make it work. If you want an elevator lift, use normal vertical track pieces with a chain lift. The rafts will tilt up as they climb them (though not at a vertical angle, because they don't have the sprites for that), but it's the closest you'll get if you want it to function.
  22. X7123M3-256

    Group Park 5

    5G is high but still reasonable. It can cause people to pass out (this happens occasionally), but it will not kill people. However, that ride is way too undersupported for it's size. Also, that's a few too many twists on the way down, I'd stick to one.
  23. This is a feature of vanilla and hence of OpenRCT2. It can be turned on and off via the "Landscape Smoothing" option in the paint tab of the options window.
  24. There's no need to rebuild the game, just g2.dat. OpenRCT2 can handle conversion to the appropriate palette so you just need to make sure the image is the correct size.
  25. If your park is compatible with vanilla RCT2, it should be compatible with RCTC. I don't know how launch pieces are handled - they will not work in vanilla RCT2, but RCTC has them and I think OpenRCT2 implements them the same way, so they might work (I can't confirm this though).
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