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  1. Answer: once you have selected "Glass" in the SubType in the top left corner of the object editor, there will be 2 frames available to you in the top right corner. The first frame can be used to create the board of the glass should you want one. The second frame allows you to place the glass itself. However, the glass will not look translucent in the object editor, only in game once the object has been added to your object folder.
  2. I'm pretty decent with the object editor, but one thing I never understood was making glass. Whenever you open a scenery object that has glass, the glass is invisible. I'm guessing it's the pink and green brushes that make themselves available when you select the "glass" scenery option. But when you paint with them it's invisible. So do you just kind of have to guess where you're painting? Thanks
  3. I'm getting a strange "access restricted (suspended)" window that pops up and prevents me from checking out the site. Entering my username and pw doesn't work either. Anyone else getting this?
  4. I'm working on a big custom scenery project and as soon as I entered the testing phase in game, the colors are skewed. Everything that is supposed to be green is black, and things that are supposed to be white are green. I tried running the object as static, animated, 24-bit BMP color, 256 color... I can't figure out when the colors aren't coming out right. Never had this problem before, but this is the first time I've tried to open a custom scenery in Open RCT2. Anyone else have this problem / what they did to fix it? EDIT: Fixed it. Was saving as 256-bit instead of 24 or 16-bit. I
  5. Yeah I checked it out, that's nice information. Are you sure there aren't more factors than that though? Like like a trash, vandalism, or broken down rides, guests not dying, etc.... Also, I see you haven't actually added a recommended price entry fee, just the check box for one, is that right? Because when I check the box nothing happens, just an option to click why and check out some of the factors that go into price entry fee.
  6. So I'm big into creating custom content, particularly animated objects. But anyone who has created custom animated objects knows that you are limited in a number of ways. On top of all the amazing limits that will be lifted once the new save format is eventually released, will / is it even possible, to lift these limits? 1) Will we be able to create custom animated large scenery objects? 2) Will be still be limited to 32+1 (0 is counted) frames? 3) Will we still be limited to 128 scenes? 4) Will the new JSON allow for us to design animated scenery to looks significantly more realisti
  7. That's great to hear! Yeah, it might be something like that, I think you're right. As I remember it, it seemed to me that having stalls, or basically anything a customer uses, also gets added into the park value. I believe your park value also goes down with the more red-lettered warnings you get (like your part is too dirty, or too much vandalism, etc...) which might entail, reversely, that the cleaner your park, the faster you repair rides, the less vandalism, etc...., in your park the higher the rating, and thus the more people will be willing to pay. I've always wondered it receiving a
  8. That's cool man thanks! I'm more of a entry fee guy myself. As I understand it the entry fee that guests are willing to pay is based on the park value found in the finance tab. Nevertheless, it's very difficult to figure out how much they're willing to pay, especially since RCT2 got rid of the, "Your price is too high, consider lowering it" warning that RCT1 gave. Any chance a entry fee calculator might be in the pipe?
  9. I really don't know much (nearly nothing) about coding, but is coveting the old save format to the new save format something that's just more time-consuming than it is difficult? Because if it's just a matter of hours and hours of typing out basic stuff I can try and help with that. Removing the limits is the number one thing I have wanted since I learned of Open RCT2, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Nevertheless, it's been a few years since I last remarked on it in this thread and we still aren't there yet. So I'm thinking to myself, "Well why the hell don't you help out then and do something
  10. Realistically the most guests you can get in a park is 7500-8500 (depending on how big your park is). Many eagerly await for the new save format and all the joyous fun it will bring. There is a team of hard-working developer's on this project and many thanks is due to them.
  11. Hey guys, I just had a quick question whether the vanilla RCT2 animated scenery objects glitching has been addressed in ORCT2. There's a well recognized problem that once you place a certain amount of animated scenery (like a water fountain) all the animated scenery will start glitching out. What will happen is that the animated scenery will become still (aka, not animated) scenery unless you're scrolling through the map. Although I do not know the exact number of animated scenery that needs to be placed in order for this to occur, I know it's a lot (1000+?). Although this might seem l
  12. Simply what the OP was, namely, how important it is. Which part of this did you have a problem with? Something that the OP and I see as important, or something that the OP and I see as important? In fact, it wasn't too long ago an official Open RCT2 poll was taken in which that very question was asked: what is most important to you (limitations being one of the options). What was the point of this reply?
  13. I second all of this. I've mentioned it a few times as well as the fixes that need to be done to the economy of RCT2 (for those NOT playing with unlimited cash). Sometimes it was met with positive feedback from the mods, which I appreciate, other times not so positive feedback. Regardless, keep up the good work guys! I look forward to seeing all your hard work payed off!
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