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  1. Well, just as I finished writing this, it actually happened right away. I am using the Time Twister karts though so I will maybe have to change the vehicle to solve that problem.
  2. I never had a go kart getting stuck at the edge of the track but I run into the problem of go karts not fitting into the station. This happens to me with every fricking track no matter if it was custom built ore an official one. It is always the same: I built or buy a pre-built track, open it, have fun looking at it, get's stuck at the end of the race because instead of driving into the start formation the karts just stack behind each other and stay this way. I've tried many different things to fix this, for example making the station longer, using less karts, using different types of karts ec
  3. Well, then I will have to accept that 😅 I think this would be a nice feature though. Anyway, thanks for the fast reply
  4. I've tried to build a wooden coaster with two stations so that it looks like they're mirrored and that the trains are perfectly synchronized (btw is there a term for this type of ride like twin coaster or something like that?). Because I did stuff like this before I know that it can sometimes become tricky especially at the end of the ride so i thought I would instead of continue the same track untill I'm done just put a second wooden coaster right next to the first one and built them simultaneously. At first I thought this was a good idea because it made it much more easier to optimize the tw
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