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  1. Isn't it pretty clear? It tells you what to do.
  2. I suppose this is what you mean? The screenshots are taken with 14, 15, 18, 30 and 31 tiles. Notice how it resets. At 18 tiles is when you can have more than 1 train.
  3. The Bumper Boats ride, for example, can have more boats the longer the station platform is. When the station platform is 14 tiles long it can have the most boats. When you exceed 14, it starts over as if you only have built a 1 tile long station platform. You can also do the same thing with any coaster. Select 2-3 trains and build past 14 tiles and watch what happens... you are limited to a single train that is minimum length. Does this make sense? Try it out for yourself, keep making a longer station platform and try to have as many trains with as many cars as possible. Edit: Yes I saw your post on Github. That would need to be fixed before we go above 14. For now we can safely do an increase to 14.
  4. I looked at Github and noticed this post https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/3486 Unfortunately when you go above 14 it starts over as I said. It works fine with 1 long train, though. With multiple trains, it doesn't work. But for rides with cars/boats it doesn't work.
  5. Hello everyone, I have found out that increasing the maximum station length from 12 to 14 enables you to have room for more trains and longer trains (goes hand in hand with the new train length cheat). I have tested it with numerous rides and there doesn't seem to be any problems. I find the especially beneficial for water rides as I tend to always have a line and the extra rowing boats/swans/bumper boats really help. Why the number 14? Well, if you go above that it sort of resets and you can only have as much as a 1 tile station platform. The code is found in track.c line 4193. What are your thoughts on this?
  6. It has not been fixed. I just tested it with the newest build. Some of the guests have full unhappiness, are extremely hungry or thirsty.
  7. In the cheat menu --> park parameters I sometimes change the initial happiness, hunger and thirst of the guests. When you set the values between 11-89% you are all good, but if you set it to anything different then you have the same problem as well. It seems to me that the guests' happiness, hunger and thirst are calculated individually upon being spawned, and they vary with a certain percentage which means that if you put the value very low or high some guests become the opposite. It overflows 100% or underflows 0%. Also, it doesn't sync in multiplayer as far as I can tell.
  8. Hey sorry for the trouble. I thought I was being helpful. But it might cause more harm than good.
  9. If that is the one I sent you then the only thing I did was allow station lengths longer than 12. The credit should really go to X7123M3-256 as I used his code. Anyhow it is an older build so you might not want to use it. He continued on improving it and I compiled a new build based on it to play around with. The attached .dll is X7123M3-256's newest code from here: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/pull/3192 with 2 modifications, 1) 99 station length and up to 9 stations (untested) and 2) multiplayer versionchanged to 4 so it should 'work' with current clients. The new code allows up to 255 cars per train instead of 64. From my experience it works just fine for the normal OpenRCT2 builds, but if you click on the ride the game immediately crashes. Keep in mind that some rides like railroads have 2 additional cars in the front so the real limit for those is 14 and not 16. openrct2.dll
  10. I just giggled a little looking at that picture hehe. May I ask how you did that? I read your comment on Github as well and was wondering how you managed to go all the way up to 255 from 64 because you said 64 was the limit in the drop down menu. I hope that I am at the right place to ask these kinds of questions that must seem quite trivial to you developers. I am trying my best to learn so I just signed up on Github, set everything up with Visual Studio and managed to change some things in ride.c that enabled me to have more cars and trains (varying amount per ride) on rides although with some minor problems that I won't bother you guys with
  11. Thanks for your replies While we are add it, what about increasing the maximum amount of trains? Is this something that is convenient and would make sense? And what about increasing the maximum station length to accommodate longer trains (and more trains)?
  12. Yeah but the icon doesn't show up in multiplayer, unfortunately.
  13. Unfortunately I don't know how to code, although I can't help but wonder why the initial limit was set to 16 and why changing it to 32 should fix it. The Log Flumes, Splash Boats, Car Ride and some other rides support 31 boats/cars. If it is an 8 bit value why not change it to 255/256 when you are at it? I feel like there is something obvious I am not getting And talking about a cheat to enable longer cars; is the only thing required to disable these 4 checks? If that is the case, I suppose it is not among the most difficult and time consuming things to do. But as I said, I am not a developer so I might be wrong about all this.
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