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  1. Ok, so after the latest build all my RCT 1 file (over 100) work except 2. 1 file just brings the game back to the main menu. The other file is a sprite error. I have attached these 2 new files. NOTE: The 1st 2 files I posted in the OP NOW work just fine. crashes.SV4 returns to menu.SV4
  2. I can load about 25% of my RCT 1 files in openRCT2. The rest all crash with a "unsupported RCT 1 sprite type" or another error. I'm a noob, what does that mean? I attached 2 sample file that crashes the game. 1.SV4 1a.SV4
  3. Why would that matter to a single user if they want to mess around with it?
  4. I'm talking about changing the "Currency exchange rate" not setting money.
  5. "set money " only changes how much $$ I have.
  6. Allow us to hold down the Currency rate button so we can change in game currency without have to click 7000 times to make coasters cost real amounts. Even clicking 100 times is a pain and slow. Also maybe an option to adjust cost of all items? Or different rates for different items?
  7. It doesn't produce a dump file. Also loading RCT1 files just result in a crash unless I load an empty map,
  8. I'm using the latest dev build. Every time I select a pre built coaster to build the game crashes when I go to place the coaster. I went back to last stable and the problem is gone. Some times the error says "Track map element part not found" Oh and 1 quick question, What does "Feature: Importing SV4 and SC4 files with rides." Do? And how do I do it?
  9. I have looked around and could not find anything about this. I think the Roto Drop Intensity Rating is calculated wrong (calculated by ride length, thinking its drop length). A Roto Drop should be able to go to about 300 ft IRL. However the game makes the ride un-rideable past a 170ft drop which is very low for a drop ride. I have attached an image showing what I mean. It appears the ride intensity is set thinking the 'ride length" is the "drop" length. In the screen shot the 170ft drop ride has a ride length of 315ft and an intensity of 9.64. That is right
  10. I can't figure out how to do this. I just keep getting Unknown command error.
  11. What do I need to do? I'm confused. I has the launcher installed for a while no with no issues. I have it set to give me stable builds only. Now I get an error starting launcher "Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate."
  12. I had the same issue. I uninstalled and just installed the latest stable and it works fine again.
  13. All of a sudden My OpenRCT2 crashes ever time I select "save game" saving a new file does not cause this error. I did not have this error earlier. It is happening on the current stable and current dev builds. I attached 1 dmp file. It happens on any save. 7b2f76ee-2c7e-4d2b-8c97-f40fea815756.dmp UPDATE: I uninstalled OpenRCT2 and re-installed just the stable build and the problem is solved. I guess something got messed up with the newer build.
  14. I have old saves from RCT1 that won't open in Steam's RCT Deluxe because I think I need the Drexler patch. Problem is the Drexler patch won't patch the Steam game. Has anyone come up with a way to patch RCT1 Deluxe from Steam? Thanks.
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