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  1. Excellent explanation by Gymnasiast: https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/12328#issuecomment-661121011
  2. This sounds like a bug then.
  3. Oh, I didn't know that libre data files are even planned. This would be a huge milestone indeed! :D
  4. I'm running a self-compiled version of OpenRCT2 and with the latest update the graphics are a little bit glitchy (for example, the multiplayer icon became a track tile, and the "disable audio" button, too). I also get these warnings in my console: WARNING[~/src/openrct2/src/openrct2/drawing/Drawing.Sprite.cpp:686 (gfx_get_g1_element)]: Invalid entry in g2.dat requested, idx = 398. You may have to update your g2.dat. WARNING[~/src/openrct2/src/openrct2/drawing/Drawing.Sprite.cpp:686 (gfx_get_g1_element)]: Invalid entry in g2.dat requested, idx = 398. You may have to update your g2.dat.
  5. There is a rollercoaster called “Classic mini coaster”. Does this actually exist in RCT2 or is this a special OpenRCT2 thing? Does this exist to copy the mini coaster from RCT1? I notice the “Classic mini coaster” is like the kid's coaster, but it supports steeper drops like the mini coaster from RCT1. Why does it only have a rocket vehicle, but not the ladybug and log vehicles?
  6. Can you beat any scenario without rollercoaster? Definitely yes. Forest Frontiers from RCT is very easy. Can you beat all scenarios without rollercoasters? Definitely no, because of the goal “Complete 5 coasters” and “Build 10 coasters with rating X”. These are literally impossible to win without rollercoasters. ;-)
  7. The original RCT2 pretends that each new vehicle is also a new ride, even if the vehicle runs on the exact same track type as some other known vehicle. The OpenRCT2 devs rightfully dumped this nonsensical distinction, at least for the GUI, so that the build window distinguishes between actual roller coasters and not between every single vehicle type. But the research window remains more or less unchanged. Here, this original RCT2 behavior can still be seen. E.g. researching a water ride might actually just unlock a new vehicle. What I don't know whether guests consider a new track+vehic
  8. OK, I agree it is dumb to assume the opinion of others. But that's not exactly what I did. Doubt is not belief. Anyway, you convinced me the sentence is useless. No all-caps ever: This is perhaps a bit over the top. Writing an entire post in ALL-CAPS: OK, I agree. But only a single word? Come on! Still I think it was an overreaction overall … I agree with the reasoning for closing tho. No problem. Just not for locking. But whatever. This thread is more about myself. Especially the claim about me being aggressive in all issues is complete nonsense. This “triggered” me. :P
  9. It's still advertised on the homepage tho. I'm sad that FOSS is being dropped in favor of proprietary solution. This sounds like a step backwards to me. :-(
  10. But these sound like bonus features to me, not strictly required for a functional game (which we already have). This stuff sounds like post-1.0.0 if you ask me.
  11. Do you know the default interest rate of the official RCT1 scenarios?
  12. I see there's a link on openrct.org to https://gitter.im/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/non-dev. This looks like some kind of chat. But it says “We moved to Discord.” everywhere. I'm sad to see the community embrace a proprietary software to replace a FOSS. :-( What happened?
  13. WARNING: OPINION! Currently, RCT1 and RCT2 scenarios have to be unlocked by winning scenarios. This reflects RCT1 behavior. (There's also a checkbox to unlock all scenarios for free, which oddly is not considered a cheat.) This is fine with me. No problem here. But there is a limitation to this. This only works when scenarios are sorted by game. But if you sort scenarios by difficulty, all scenarios are automatically unlocked. The aforementioned checkbox is grayed out. But I think this is a strange limitation. Sorting scenarios is purely a GUI thing, not a gameplay thing,
  14. Dumb question, but what are the requirements for a 1.0.0 release? I feel OpenRCT2 is basically “finished” since years now, and it's also highly stable. You can play OpenRCT2 very very well, I had no real problems. In fact, I have completed the whole RCT2 campaign + both addons and it worked like a breeze. Which features or bugfixes are required for OpenRCT2 to be considered 1.0.0-worthy?
  15. OK, I feel like things are getting a little out of hand on GitHub, and I am being accused, so I have to write this here … Gymnasiast, you keep telling me in GitHub I'm being “aggressive” and “hostile” but I don't understand. No, really. Even worse, you said that I'm being “aggressive” in every single issue. Wait, what? It seems all do is just disagreeing. And I feel that my words are being interpreted in the worst possible light. People read bad intentions into my words, things that I have never said … Look, I'm not your enemy. If I would be hostile towards OpenRCT2, I wouldn't h
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