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  1. https://github.com/OpenRCT2/OpenRCT2/issues/5534 Resolution dropdown menu is being selected but nothing is happenening EDIT: Should be fixed. Update your game to the latest version
  2. There is a bug that prevents you from changing the resolution in fullscreen.
  3. Here's a fix: Try right clicking on a version you want to download and open it in a new tab. Worked for me.
  4. It's down for me too. Even refreshing my router didn't fix it either. I don't think it's an issue with our connection. http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/cdn.limetric.com
  5. Here are my handpicked favorites, 27 of them. Some of these were lost due to crashes or trolls. Luckily, I was able to capture them before they were gone. https://imgur.com/gallery/Lazb5 (Also posted on Reddit at /r/rct.)
  6. That is what I was thinking. This is useful when a troll or someone else gets on a server and starts spamming messages in chat, and the moderators of said server are not currently online. EDIT: Here's another one. Enable/disable cheats while in the scenario editor. This hectically counts as an issue because zero clearance is automatically on when in the scenario editor. When you place a park entrance it glitches out.
  7. DCMeGaMaxX

    My New Park

    Wacky Worlds expansion pack.
  8. This is an old save of mine, but the entrance turned out amazing.
  9. I do like that idea better.
  10. This list contains ideas I came up which adds features to ORCT2. Multiplayer ideas. Ability to block a player in chat. Show the last 5 actions did the player do, and more specific actions (ex. Delete ride (Twister roller coaster 1). Change the name color per group. If a player is in a group that has the name color set to green, The player's name in chat is also green. A limit to how many characters are in a chat message, so a message don't go all the way across the screen. Terrain generation ideas. A setting that will change the tree type depending on the altitude. A setting that will change the tree density. (Low density - very few trees. High density - lots of trees.) A setting that will change what trees will be generated. Random ideas. A setting that will change the name of the ride to it's "classic" name so Twist 1 will be called Scrambled Eggs 1. When viewing the ride list. You can see who built what ride.
  11. Hello, on our server people were heavily using trackitecture on their coasters. That caused the server to reach the ride limit. (255 rides and stalls to be exact) Even tough the majority of the rides on the server were roller coasters. People were using up to 10 different coaster tracks as trackitecture which caused us to reach the limit pretty quick. So, I've made a tutorial to reduce the amount of trackitecture from 10 to 2. I made a basic Giga Coaster. I'm calling it "Tutorial Coaster" This is the only ride in the park, so it used 1 slot of the 255 rides available. First, we're starting with a catwalk. You can use a multi-dimension coaster lift, but we're gonna stick to a path so we don't use up a ride slot. You're gonna need zero clearance for this. When you finished that, add scenery so you can get rid of those path supports. Second is the station. This is where we're going to use 1 coaster, so now we used 2 slots out 255. Pretty nifty, huh. We will build the walls with scenery. We'll use it for the roofing. Okay, once you built your walls, now it's time to add the coaster... I mean roof. Again, this is the second coaster in the park, and the first trackitecture coaster. Start building your trackitecture as you would SO DON"T BUILD STATIONS. People normally do is they create a new ride after they finished the first piece, that's not we're doing. Look at the next picture below... You see I went back to the fist piece and added a little u-turn behind it (in purple), so I can build adjacent to it without creating a whole new ride which will use up a 3rd slot. Once you've finished with the second piece, delete the purple pieces as shown, but don't delete the pieces you want to keep as your roof. Keep doing this. Make sure you delete the purple pieces as shown in the picture. Around the corners. Keep deletin' purple. Good, you got the roofing down. Now go check the ride list. What do you see? If you didn't used the method that I showed you. You would've used up 10 slots out of 255 rides (11 counting the coaster in operation). Now time to add scenery. Next up is the station transfer. This is completely optional, but we're gonna do it anyways. We're gonna still use 1 slot. Start building another coaster next to the operational one. Delete any purple you see, but don't delete that s-bend. Now it's time to add scenery. Great, you finished the coaster. We used up 3 slots in total 2 for trackitecture. This is just a basic tutorial, you can make more advanced structures than this with 1 coaster for trackitecture.
  12. I am on the latest development build of OpenRCT2, When switching to different trains, the articulated trains seem to not show up even though they are added in the sceneario.
  13. After updating to 0.0.5-10, there is a bug when you leave the server and the game will crash to desktop. (Windows 10)
  14. Desktop wallpaper by Justin Maller: http://justinmaller.com/
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