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  1. So while playing RCT1 scenarios (I only notice it on there), guests don't appear to move at all. I can't seem to find a root in that issue, maybe the guests pathfinding is weird, IDK.
  2. So here I am, wanting to enjoy a multiplayer game of ORCT2, when suddenly, there's no servers, and it reads as I quote "Invalid response from master server (no JSON number) I'm kind of stumped on how to solve this issue and I could use some tips/advice.
  3. Hmmm... I was reading the guide and it seems like the air-time bonuses apply to roller coaster types that normally have lap bar restraints, and ones that don't usually have over-the shoulder restraints.
  4. A 60-foot high loop/ medium sized loop. The normal loop is about 40 feet because it barely makes it through with a 45 foot lift hill and we all know the large loop is 80 feet tall. To 90% of the world, 40 feet is about 12 meters, so 60 feet and 80 feet are 18 and 24 meters respectively. Also 45 feet is about 14 meters.
  5. Heartline is difficult, but its difficult to everybody because its rigged. I also don't like working with Side-Friction, Wooden Reverse, Stand-Up, and Mini Suspended/Flying.
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