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  1. This scenario look amazing, i'll play it!
  2. Hello there, i have made a custom scenario with default and custom rides. It's a challenging map where the objective is to get 2,950 guests but it's gonna be hard attract them! So if you can play in multiplayer this map it may be easier to complete. anyways enjoy! PS: In the screenshots the amount of money does not appear, but when you download the scenario you'll see how many money is active, there is money on it. Download: Splash Park's new manager.sc6 Screenshots:
  3. Thanks for the Suggestion, i'll work on it.
  4. Crazy Islands Another scenario i've been planning on making and now here it is! The objective is to have 10 roller coaster operating in your park with atleast 6.00 of excitement. It may be a little hard to complete, you can host it on your server too, Scenarios in multiplayer are way easier to complete in some cases. Here's the download: Crazy Islands .sc6 Changed some things, here's a list of changes: Removed Go-karts Removed Trees under some of the supports of the wooden roller coaster Made the 3D cinema blue Made queue line for Tropical Run shorter, because it
  5. Emerald Hills is a scenario with an objective of having 2,600 guests in park without letting the rating drop below 700 at any time, it comes with four rides and some of them are custom rides, don't worry you don't need the Time Twister or Wacky Worlds expansion packs for this scenario! Emerald Hills (With RIdes).sc6 Here you go some images of the rides and one complete image of the scenario:
  6. The Objective: To have atleast 2,400 guests in your park and do not let your rating drop below 700! Green Hills .sc6 And also you'll need Wacky worlds and Time twister for some of the rides
  7. So i made a scenario called The Rollercoaster world and i would like to share it with you guys here it is! This is a scenario that only has Rollercoasters on it, no flat rides. The Rollercoaster World v2.1.sc6
  8. Yeah, thanks for helping me with the Coasters i really appreciate it! and the version i have is Base+WW+TT
  9. Thanks for the advice!
  10. Hello everyone, i heard about this and why not download this for the game! yes, im just new, nothing much, do you have any tips or advice you would like to tell me?
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