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  1. By the way, is it intended that this feature does not work when I view underground?
  2. Match the network version between you and your brother.
  3. I think it is not available since 24 hours ago. (http://cdn.limetric.com server itself is seemed not to be downed) Is there any problem with development builds? + Edit: I've checked google blacklisted develop downloads, I hope that it will recover asap.
  4. I think there are no x64 download links for development version (from b8aeb56) because of build failure, when am I available x64 develop. again?
  5. https://servers.openrct2.io/ once returned json formatted master server list, but not now. Is there any way to get master server list as json format? (including gameMonth, gameDateTick, mapSize and so on)
  6. Twitch Integration server for OpenRCT2(http://openrct.ursalabs.co/) seems to be shutted down or not maintained. It is unable to use twitch integration functions...
  7. I think cdn.limetric.com server is downed. All downloads including stable/develop zip/exe files are unavailable.
  8. Enter(Return) key is used as a chatting hotkey in many games. But OpenRCT2 uses 'C', not Enter. Many clients have no idea to talk with others in multiplay. I have to tell them that the chat hotkey is C every time when new client joins. As you know, Enter is used to rotate game view, but it has GUI button on the top. So I think rotating could be assigned by another hotkeys. (For example I use < and > to rotate game view.) How do you think everyone?
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