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  1. I really love the idea of posting "park pieces", it really lets me into the mind of the creator. I think posting the entire park all at once is a bit overwhelming. Keep posting these! I love the snippets of design.
  2. I don't know if this is the appropriate section, but I thought it would be cool for people to show off their park entrances. I think the entrance is a pretty important part of the park and often overlooked. It would be interesting to see how people designed their entrance and what design rules they set for themselves regarding the entrance. I'm partially doing this to gain inspiration for how I want to design my entrance. Because as always, you guys have some genius ideas. Lets see your best!
  3. I haven't played this game 'seriously' since I was 16. I'm 27 now. I just felt something was missing (probably my CRT monitor) OpenRCT is exactly what was missing. I can't believe it was here the WHOLE TIMEish (Can you believe I have fantasized about winning lottery and funding a project like OpenRCT?) I've been looking over the content you've been posting as a community. I'm trying to find a new edge. Its been 11 years since I've created a roller coaster in this game. I used to be good with attention to detail, but given my age and experiences in life, I think my potential is far grea
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