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  1. Not sure if the update an hour ago caused this or not, but the "play" button on the launcher doesn't load the game at all. It just closes the launcher. No processes for the game start running in the background either. I tried loading the original game (steam version) and then use the launcher again to see if that would work, but it didn't. Should I just reinstall? EDIT: If anyone else is having this problem, just reinstall.
  2. Opened OpenRCT2 today, was great with this tiny little error: "Unable to load file... PTCT2R/808B180A4CBD3344" It showed up every time I tried to play multiplayer (wherein every server kicked me out due to this error) and every time I loaded the game. ???
  3. I understand all the steps to setting up a server, but there's one problem. I have a NETGEAR provider and its port forwarding menu asks for: Name (name of the connection, duh) Start Port (External) End Port (External) Start Port (Internal) End Port (Internal) Protocol (I already know it's needs to be TCP) Local IP Address (Obvious) It's the bolded parts (the port-related parts) that don't make any sense. Where am I supposed to put the 11753 port? Are other ports required? I'm really friggin confused. EDIT: Apparently the Local I
  4. I ran the Steam version once, then tried to use OpenRCT2, but it told me it couldn't find the install directory...so...now what? EDIT: I selected the Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 folder from steamapps/common. Apparently I didn't wait long enough, but now it's working! Thanks for the help anyways Broxzier!
  5. The site mentions that RCT2 can be bought on Steam (which I did a long time ago), but how do I get OpenRCT2 to use the Steam version's files? Does that even work?
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