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Idea - Hotkeys when building


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This game supports hotkeys which would be a great opportunity to implement them into the building toolbar to make building roller coasters, roads etc faster! 

Just by getting hotkeys for building a roller coaster would make it faster to build than the traditional clicky-click method.

For example how the hotkeys could be (see concept for example),

  • W = Forward track/path
  • A = Short left track/path
  • D = Short Right track/path
  • + / shift = Upward track/path
  • - / ctrl = Downward track/path
  • Del = Delete the section
  • Enter = Place the selected path (Just functions as the big "Build This" button)


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Mouse just plays fine, though I think hotkeys will be faster once I get the hang of it and I might even use it as standard instead of mouse.  I think only the arrow keys (or wasd) will do fine for up/down/left/right (hit multiple times for steeper/sharper). Since there will probably be many hotkeys for this a toggle might be welcome. I don't know yet how hotkeys will be useful for special track pieces, 0-9 to select directly and + - to cycle through them?

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Brilliant idea, but I'd tweak the keys for the turns a little. Q for the smallest lef curve radius, A for medium, Z for large. Look at your keyboard to see why. Likewise EDX or EDC for right turns.

As for "Build this!", I think the spacebar would be better than Enter, since it's easier to hit with both hands. Del or Backspace for demolishing, either would work.

Anyway, I wholly support this idea!


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2 minutes ago, imlegos said:

W resets the selection too straight

A/D moves the track direction left or right

S removes a peice

E raises the track slope

Q lowers the track slope

Z enables chains

Some keys are already in use + my approach would also be the keypad as default xox

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