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Hello fellow RCT fans


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I've been a fan of the RollerCoaster Tycoon series since I bought the original RCT (with no expansions) at one of those school book fairs in fifth grade (just before RCT2 came out). I got RCT2 for Christmas that year and I played it for years and years (through two computer crashes) until I moved to college and got a laptop (which wouldn't play RCT2, but would play RCT3 no problem). I found OpenRCT2 while looking for ways to run RCT2 on Windows 7 after getting laid off from my job of a year and a half (thanks decreased oil prices), so now I'm able to play RCT2, which is my favorite game in the series, for the first time in six years! This time, I'm actually playing through the scenarios and as of now I've beaten all the original scenarios save two of the Six Flags parks (Great Adventure and Over Texas), most of the Wacky Worlds scenarios, and a few of the Time Twister scenarios.

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