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All RCT1 Scenario's in RCT2/OpenRCT

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Hi Guys,it thought it would be cool to play some scenario's from rct1 in rct2, after some research i found a zip-file that contains all rct1 scenario's, including the expansion pack, converted to be playable with rct2.Download Link:http://www.mediafire.com/download/fphxv5c5z1yn1ws/RCTLL+for+RCT2.zipInstallaion:Just copy everything and paste it in the map "Scenarios" in the main directory of rct2Have fun completing them all.

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The Micro Park scenario seems to have a few problems sadly. Specifically: it won't let you build on the ground, and you can't raise land. Also, isn't there supposed to be more instant crashes for Fiasco Forest? all i see is the death flume (Which kills about 6-8 people

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If you didin't understand wha i meant, in Harmonic Hills, you start with a Merry-go-round, car ride, vintage car ride, race car ride, junior rollar coaster, restroom, and info kiosk. The rule set for the scenario says you can't delete trees, you can't terraform, and you can't build higher then trees.

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I am also having problems with one of these scenarios, Volcania. I cannot add entrances or exits to the unfinished Rollercoasters because the game tells me I am not allowed to move or modify the station. The same happens with a different version of this scenario. I was first going to report it as a problem with OpenRCT2, but it's just the same in the original game. The funny thing is I never actually played with OpenRCT2 until today, and I just happened to pick a scenario which doesn't work, which made me create an account here to report this, but since it also happens in RCT2 the problem must be the scenario itself.

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