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  1. But OpenRCT2 can already import scenarios directly from RCT1, right? Does Volcania work in this case? Can someone check? I don't have RCT1 installed and I would have to download it first to find out.
  2. I am also having problems with one of these scenarios, Volcania. I cannot add entrances or exits to the unfinished Rollercoasters because the game tells me I am not allowed to move or modify the station. The same happens with a different version of this scenario. I was first going to report it as a problem with OpenRCT2, but it's just the same in the original game. The funny thing is I never actually played with OpenRCT2 until today, and I just happened to pick a scenario which doesn't work, which made me create an account here to report this, but since it also happens in RCT2 the problem must
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