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Adventure Fields


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I started my own Mega park. To be honest i have found this in my old saves from i think a year ago.


I am using custom scenery for some parts and i will add much more hills later on. the castle is just the entrance area. The park is being build by me alone, no servers.


Please note that i may lose interest in RCT2 someday, my interest just jumps everywhere... Anyways, here are some pictures showing the current state :





There are still things i plan and hope for. I especially hope that the Open RCT2 devs will soon be able to remove the attraction limit.

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On 7.2.2016 at 23:22, Broxzier said:

Perhaps handy to know is that you can build walls and fences underwater, I think that will fit with that wooden building. Lower the water first, build the walls, then disable clearance checks and increase the water level again.

Tried it and works great. Thanks for the tip.

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