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Thank you Open RCT2!

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Hi guys, I'm new here and this past weekend started the game on my 2019 MacBook Pro 16'. This was and is my favorite game. I was a kid in Ukraine playing on Pentium something something. My dad was hooked on it too and I actually got him iPad with Classic version of the game this Christmas. This is how I discovered OpenRCT2! I wanted it for myself and went on Steam and things kind of led me here from there. I followed your guides and at first I download Classic version from GOG. It works, but there's no sounds effects. I then went ahead and got Triple Thrill Pack and RCT Deluxe which I linked in game settings. It's been few days of fun now, everything works. I am trying to beat 4th park with 200K value objective. It's going to be my 5th attempt this evening lol

I wanted to share my thanks for keeping this game alive. I am having tones of fun! Part of me wishes for slightly better visuals. I tried 4K resolution but that just makes everything microscopic with same result on zooming in. I also find the UI a bit hard to use with a touchpad being in the left/right corners. Is there a way to move them? for example center them up the top or down. Would love to see similar feature like in classic where using tractor from scenery tab highlight in red benches, lamps for easy delete and pressing on path would delete it all together. Last night I faced this issue the most trying to remove some benches over a water way which resulted in some unforeseen accidents.

Excited to join and explore the community. Someone posted here 300+ scenarios the other day. Legend! Not sure how am I going to get those 7+ excitement ratings on the coasters. So far it's been happy little bagghhhhhh! 

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I recommend you set a scaling factor (integers work best, so try 2x or 3x) to make the game less microscopic.



I also find the UI a bit hard to use with a touchpad being in the left/right corners. Is there a way to move them? for example center them up the top or down.

I don’t quite understand, could you elaborate on this?

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@Gymnasiast is it in the lates patch? (0.4.11) I am looking for it! Went over every single menu option and cheat options, twice 🥹). What am I doing wrong!? I can't wait to check it out. you guys rock!

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Hmmm mine looks a little different. I also see you have Enlarge UI option. Am I using cave man version of the game? I am also on Mac maybe that has something to do with it?

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 6.01.00 PM.png

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@Gymnasiast it took me a scenario, but I am loving centered icons!

I was a little bit confused with the map icon rotating in the toolbar. Is that supposed to be a compass? I thought it was a bug seeing it pointing at 3 o'clock then realized it rotates lol. I think that's actually a light house (navigation?). Maybe needs an icon contest.


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@Gymnasiast leaving some feedback and ideas. I find the gap between each of the toolbar blocks/sections distracting. I spent sometime with it and I find that when you move around the map, each one of the gaps could have slightly different light/contrast: one could be bright because of the white coaster supports;  another one dark - picking up tree right next to it or peeps walking by and this creates like a shimmering effect. I did a mockup without spacing to take a look.  Also, sharing few icon ideas for inspiration. I thought "cheats"  could use another icon and for the map (lighthouse) I tried few ideas, but they all take it too far from the original and maybe a light upgrade could do. Thanks!









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