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Crash when adding scenery

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Hi,I'm making a gigantic amuzement/resort park and I'm 75% done with this.But when I want to place some scenery (original and/or custom) it crasheswith the following problem: ANIM_TYPE_COUNT error (something like that).It's like that the scenery limitation cannot be unlimited :(What can I do about this because I really want to have no limits ? :(Greetings,Zion

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As long as the program is not fully decompiled and uses the original rct2 save format, those limits will exist. They will eventually be removed, but it'll take some time (don't expect it within a month).An assertion is a manual check in the code to prevent further issues. Instead of failing the assertion the game should warn you that you can't place any more scenery.

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This error seems to happen a lot lately. It's nothing to do with the limitations, it's to do with corrupted map data. It seems like your saved games got corrupted, but the devs still don't know where this happens exactly. Do you have the saved game form just before the crash and after, and do you remember what you did between the two?It's easiest if you redo the changes you've done again, but if you don't have one maybe one of the devs can fix this file for you by hand.

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It's not corrupted because I can play it on the original rct2 game and on openrct2 game.I'm now getting a notification that my landscape data is fully used and sometimesI'm still getting that error/crash.When I change the landscape itself (making mountains and such) then I'm not gettingany error. I hope that they will fix the limits to unlimited or maybe double the datalimitations. Also I've not tested the handymen, mechanics, guards and entertainerslimitations yet. Maybe someone knows that there's still a limit ?

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They're just static arrays now, because that's what the original game used as well. This cannot be stored into a more convenient way before OpenRCT2 is completely independent of rct2.exe.For example this sets the complete map element array to zero upon loading a map. RCT2_ADDRESS_MAP_ELEMENTS is the address in memory of the first element of the array. As you can see it's not dynamic, but has a max size (MAX_MAP_ELEMENTS, which is 196608).memset((void*)RCT2_ADDRESS_MAP_ELEMENTS, 0, MAX_MAP_ELEMENTS * sizeof(rct_map_element));

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