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8-Cars Trainer doesn't work

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Hello,I always play my games with the 8-cars trainer. I use 1302 and 132 most of the time. With openrct2 I can't use either one of them. A few days ago the 8-cars program told me that there's no open window. Now it doesn't do anything.I have tried to use the trainer when it is placed in a separate folder, and in the Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 folder but I still can't get it to work. I use the program mostly to hack my rides. Hacked rides that I made before I started to use openrct2 do work without any problems, but I can't build new hacked rides because I can't get the trainer to work.Is there a way to work with the 8-cars or SOB trainers in openrct2 ?Thanks for the help ;) !

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I think the "Zero Clearence". But there are also functions in the ride-editor to make rides completly invisible or just parts of rides. I also need fuctions to merge rides with each other so I can make vehicles from rides drive another track type. Those are the functions I really need to create my hacked rides...

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I for one would like the ability to increase excitement ratings or intensity ratings or nausea ratings on rides. That's the one thing I would like in OpenRCT2. I have created all these custom rollercoasters that have the visuality of high ratings only for the game to rate them as low excitement ratings. It would seem like a more realistic complete cheat functionality for OpenRCT2 to also include the capability to alter the ratings on rides since 8car had it among everything else that OpenRCT2 allows. If such a capability exists for OpenRCT2, is there a patch or a mod for OpenRCT2 that allows such a capability? Please share

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To modify ride ratings, open the console (either through debugging tools or the ` button above tab). Type 'help' and you'll see that 'rides' is a command, which will tell you that 'rides set' is a command, which in turn will tell you that 'rides set exitement <ride_id> <value>' is a command. To get the ride id, use 'rides list'.

This still doesn't freeze the rating, but you can freeze the rating of all rides in the park by placing a ride that goes into a loop and never returns to the start of the track.

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