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Split chainlift into multiple block sections

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I'm currently trying to build a very large hypercoaster and have it function on block sectioned mode, so I can have a decent number of trains and not have terrible throughput.

However, because the coaster is large the chainlift is very large as well. Because of this, the block section containing the chain lift takes so long to complete that most trains are just waiting in the station all the time, while one of them is slowly crawling up the lift hill.

Is there a way to split up a chainlift into multiple block sections, so multiple trains can be on the chainlift at the same time and they don't have to wait needlessly long? Perhaps by designating specific chainlift sections as block separations, so the areas in between become distinct block sections?

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The top piece of a chainlift is considered the end of a block section. So splitting the chainlift into two chainlifts with a small flat part in between is the way to go. If that hurts the looks too much for your liking, consider increasing the chainlift speed instead (even beyond the usual maximum with cheats if necessary).

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Thank you for the ideas. I'm going to try to redesign the chainlift to have flat pieces.

As for the block brakes in the middle, I already have a lot, but the train is just going through all of them because the chainlift section takes almost as long to complete as the rest of the coaster. Perhaps I could just make it much longer, but the coaster is quite big already.

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On 09/03/2023 at 23:50, l_d_bonnie said:

Rather than chain lifts I often use boosters to shoot cars up to higher levels. With Hyper coasters I set up several levels of boosters to get cars up to the highest levels  allowed by the various types of tracks.

That would work for other coaster types, but the hypercoaster doesnt have access to boosters.

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On 20/03/2023 at 15:19, FrankD said:

That would work for other coaster types, but the hypercoaster doesnt have access to boosters.

Mine do. Maybe it's a cheat enabled. I just tried the Hypercoaster on my PC and the booster was there.

For the last few years I have only built parks for fun. No money or goals other than to build coasters that get as many customers per hour as possible. That is the challenge for me. I completed all the scenarios back in the original RCT many years ago. I was more than happy to find RST2 and just experiment with all sorts of coaster designs. I have saved dozens of Hyper Twisters and other coaster types, most with Boosters or Launched Lifts. I don't even have a Hypercoaster saved.  I guess it is a design that never appealed to me, with or without boosters.


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