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Items window missing tab for path items.

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For the past couple of updates regardless whether I have all objects selected or just whatever apply for a particular scenario, the items window hasn't had a tab for the trees, small trees, or path items (that is benches, bins, lamps, signs etc).

They all get dumped into the question mark tab.

OpenRCT2, v0.4.1-311-g36904cf (36904cf on develop) provided by GitHub

As an aside, how hard or easy would it be for a person who has no idea or experience with making scenery groups, to organise individual items into specific groups ?

Just to be clear, I am aware these issues are pretty minor, and simply "quality of life" things, but they do make it harder to find things.

As does the sorting of entrances pull-down in the ride window (I don't have a screenshot for that), that switches from alphabetic to "default" (plain at the top) frequently.

Rockin' Roller Coasters 2022-09-17 22-01-50.png

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1 hour ago, Gymnasiast said:

And I was on holiday. Also, 8 days isn’t a lot on these forums, it usually takes longer.

Wait, what ?!?!?! ..... How dare you take a break from .... anything. You know that's not how society works these days. You're here for ME, and me alone, nothing else matters.


I do hope you realise I'm joking, I honestly despise the whole me, me, me attitude these days, and try my hardest not to do anything that could be misinterpreted that way.

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