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Windows 10 Playable?

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Yep, it is playable on all windowses newer than Win XP. It should (and will) be playable on XP though in the future.
None of the main devs have actually said it should be playable on XP. What they have said is that non-intrusive patches to add support for it are welcome. But that depends on someone capable and willing of doing that. Considering XP is 14 years old, no longer maintained, lacks a lot of API calls that are present in Vista and higher, and its usage is shrinking, there is by no means a guarantee that XP will ever be supported.
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Since January 2007 Vista has been preinstalled on most Windows computers. Even if you take the bad reputation of Vista and thus the custom-built XP computers in the Vista era into account, it still means that the cutoff line is 2009. In other words: computers running XP are at least six years old. It means many are going to fail within the following year, forcing the owners to buy a new one anyway. Also, most Linux distributions run well on computers of that age (my mother's laptop is an eight-year-old 1.87 GHz Celeron, running Ubuntu 14.04 without problems).Also, it still leaves all the drawbacks of XP I mentioned. If OpenRCT2 was a paid program, we might have supported XP. But since it isn't, and we have more than enough work on our hands as it is, the extra work involved is not worth it. Even today, we have had only a handful of questions about it, and XP usage is shrinking.

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