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Made a Heightmap and now added the first shops and stalls

It's a 999x999 giga park, but half water since I think that will make great theming for a Japan focused boardwalk / pier. I have nothing but hope and dreams, and I really like the name of the park but I may change it if people complain... I used an image from my favorite anime FLCL, don't think it should be a copyright issue... I'll let you know when I start building custom rides, very excited to start over on a giga park and add some trees, waterfalls, desert, who knows honestly. Yes I will add all kinds of anime references and rides, pirate themed one piece even though I don't like one piece, I will try to do some research. Also I am still learning unique tricks such as shoe stringing, so let's see how I improve over time!


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Okay that's what i thought since i also saw a terrain map somewhere of your profile character (the dog), so i assumed you had something to do with it or knew about it. thanks.

So i guess you can use a jpeg bmp or gif? i still don't understand how it works but maybe i will someday.

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