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  1. I am creating this guide since it is an involved process and I find myself forgetting how to at times. Also google search reveals out of date inaccurate info. In order to replace Title Screen music you will need (in my opinion) on Windows foobar2000 Powershell youtube-dl from github make sure windows isn't set to hide known file extensions. Step 1: go to youtube and find the video you want as background music Step 2: use youtube-dl in the terminal, guides can be found online Make sure rct1 directory is selected in openrct2 options to replace both choose 2 videos from youtube in foobar2000 you may need to download the codec pack for the converter after you use youtube-dl to get the two mp4 files, open them one at a time in foobar 2000 right click on the file playing and say convert and click ... then select wav and click add filters add retroarch resample near the bottom select 22050 hz and click back repeat for other file On Steam go to your steamapps common directory( ies) for each game RCT2 and RCT Deluxe and open the data folder rename both css17.dat files if they exist already to css17.old or something else and ignore windows warning then rename the new wav files to css17.dat in the rct2 and rct deluxe data folders. now you can load the game and if you want select random title music to cycle both of them.
  2. I checked the issue tracker on github and so far nobody has mentioned that there isn't a toggle such as in more modern games to display openGL output on secondary monitor. The game outputs on the last monitor used so it isn't an issue for me, but when i use hotkeys in DMT to switch game to secondary monitor in a fresh install it is not easy. New players that are fortunate enough to have dual monitors like myself might be few and far between but I still think it could be implemented like in other games to output to secondary monitor. Thanks for your time.
  3. i would like to see the ability to split gameplay into purist mode for nedesigns or pros and enhanced mode so we can even out or fix more bugs in gameplay or add features like difficulty modes or fix original bugs but toggle enhanced off for some saved Parks or per ride. Maybe compatibility mode?
  4. i am curious if the hard limits on sprite resolution, count, etc are due to data integrity checks, memory usage limits, game logic constraints etc?
  5. the openrct2 project isnt limited by 90s hardware
  6. want to code, know about graphic design, great at playing scenarios, been playing rct1 then 2 since i was 10 years old, have lots of free time... oops thats less than 73 //* add more later *// ; else() null; 🙃
  7. the upside down brake scorpion tail for flying coaster could be implemented in .park format. I havent learned to code yet. real life version https://coasterpedia.net/wiki/Scorpion_tail
  8. an ai upscaler could replace assets automatically and maybe there could be a barbershop that sells hairdos for long hair like the hat stall or there could be guest groups that form or guests could have sprite morphing based on in game weight which is preserved on rides
  9. Could you implement last names and new names in the automatic peep name generator, different hairstyles, skintones or upscaled sprites with interpolated animations around 60fps also taller guests, less skinny guests, or guests that can swim like chris sawyer wanted?
  10. can the game logic be manipulated to rewind or slow down game speed?
  11. interested in ability to modify object properties on hacked rides, custom scenarios, or park save files to mute attractions or disable certain sound effects such as chain lift sound effect, would like this to be stored at a minimum in save file, but maybe in a saved track file. also wondering if there could be ride modifiers to replace sound effects on a per ride basis or by modifying save file content tables instead of system wide sound replacement. Was also wondering if there is room in the code for the sound library to be expanded without recoding the sound system, or converting variable types, which would effect compatibility and use more storage with less performance.
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