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A couple of screen shot of rides I've made. Posted for your thoughts. :)

The Go-Kart track took me awhile to do, using the tile inspector to make the track invisible, I think it turned out well.  :)

The Giga Coaster takes 4+ minutes to get to the top, that's at the standard 10 or 12 kph lift chain speed (I forgot which it is).

Land of Entertainment 2021-07-20 20-33-07.png

Land of Entertainment 2021-07-20 20-33-59.png

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Monorail Station House

I like to build on little plots to try out aesthetic ideas to use in scenarios and bigger parks. Here's a simple Monorail station house i liked, added a go-cart track too for fun. The entrance/exit are nicely "hidden" under the station house in the center. The go-carts feature both a bridge over the main walkway and a tunnel under the main walkway. It's been a while since i've built it so if anyone wants it i can try to remember the scenery pieces i used (a few layers with the tile inspector tool on the building structures) so i can make a list of requirements and also try to save the monorail with the scenery and upload it somewhere on the internet.





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Nice job, I usually do "sprawling" coasters like that myself.  :)  That corkscrew one one the right side of the pic looks like it'd be a bit of a nasty one. Steep drop with the twist at the bottom, then that rise. I assume there's serious braking there, with that flat turn after it.  :)

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2 hours ago, ExCrafty said:

Nice job, I usually do "sprawling" coasters like that myself.  :)  That corkscrew one one the right side of the pic looks like it'd be a bit of a nasty one. Steep drop with the twist at the bottom, then that rise. I assume there's serious braking there, with that flat turn after it.  :)

Yep. It starts at the top of an elevator and so it ends with a chain lift up to the top.

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I built this awesome wooden coaster, although I did use cheats so I could get 4 seater cars to look like minecarts. I call it Escape from Iron Mountain, and I believe it functions like a large scale wild mouse. It has a 6.39 excitement rating with a 7.04 intensity. WARNING: I just had this ride crash shortly before the second brake run. the problem would be corrected if you set it to wait for a full load.image.thumb.png.e07e7e3f352bbe83447aee67836d23e4.png

Escape From Iron Mountain.td6

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This here, is pretty much the best coaster I've ever made!

Nemesis 2: A Steel Twister Coaster running 3 Floorless Trains w/ 11 cars per train.  The original Nemesis (@21x14 also a very compact Steel Twister running 3x11 Floorless Trains) was deleted, after a screwup I made whilst saving a Log Flume.


This coaster is insanely compact @ 16x19! Sure, that's without scenery. But still: for a coaster running 2m9, this is COMPACT! And yes: That's a station AND a barrel roll through a loop. I love building that.

All ratings all at the top right corner (in Dutch).

But this coaster isn't 'perfect':


1. The trains come in hot to the brake run towards the station (from 107 kmh @ 0m, via a banked curve to 7.5m, to a 4 block brake run (all set @ 28kmh). It's a bit too rough, I think. Yet I needed that to maintain the very compact design.

2. The middle brake run (the one @ 37.5m) could be better. A train there will be blocked a bit too long in my opinion, before resuming. Also: setting the chainspeed @11kmh and adding an extra brake (@ 14kmh) didn't do the trick.


All in all, this is the best coaster i've ever made. And it's also my favorite. 

Feel free to add your thoughts on my coaster, especially if you've got idea's on how to adress the issues mentioned above the 2nd screenshot.

Nemesis 2.td6

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Nice job there. I've given it a go in my "Attraction Design Only" scenario park, with only a few very minor tweaks, and those are only because it's how 'I' have things, not a reflection on your settings or design in the slightest.

1. reduced train length to 10 cars, so 40 peeps per train.

2. Put the lift chain speed up to 12kph (I always have lift chains at max, just a personal thing)

3. Swapped the Entrance and Exit over - Again, just a cosmetic thing with how I do it.

4. Changed the "timings" a little.

5. Different pathing.

The final result for me was still pretty close to your stats, but mine dropped excitement down to 9.5-ish.  :) 

Celtic Knot.td6

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Just thought I'd see just how massive a 999x999 landscape is.  :) I put a Mine Ride that runs around the entire perimeter, with all land owned. It's HUGE !!!

17km of track and at ~53kph it takes around 14 minutes to complete a circuit.  :)

I don't think that's a very practical size to be honest, given that guests whinge about "getting lost or stuck" because it's taken then too long to find what they're looking for.  :)


Massive 2022-03-16 11-19-09.png

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