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  1. Running OpenRCT2 (build 5087e77) on Windows 10 (x86-64) According to the Git-ticket this happens when trying to place a track design on very high land, and trying to place a track design on it that would be higher than the maximum height. I'm experiencing this issue also, when building on mostly flat land, eg: the large water area in Six Flags Belgium (save file in attachment): I'm building a River Rapids ride (link in attatchment) in this area, which is indeed higher than the maximum height limit, and I get the same message (in Dutch) Royal Flush.td6 1015118517_SixFlagsBelgium.sv6
  2. Thnx man for the insight. Never thought of it this way. Come to think of it, I think this could be some measure of realism. I'd think chainhills will also suffer from massive reliability isssues, running at these kind of speeds...
  3. Hello everyone. A long time RCT2 player here. I recently discovered OpenRCT and man, it really enhances the game! I've come accross this strange bug, after building this Kingda Ka-esque coaster (see attachments): After setting the chainhill speed to 146km/h (or 91mph), I've noticed that the reliability of the coaster will quickly drop. After just 5 min. it dropped from 100% to 69%! How is this possible? Kingda Ka.td6
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