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  1. interesting idea with the chain lift at the end!
  2. pictures? i like to see pretty things!
  3. Here's a coaster I called "Lost World"
  4. its not terrible once you understand the OpenRTC2 mechanics. i love the new level of play style that has been introduced with the tile inspector and other OpenRTC2 tools.
  5. Monorail Station House I like to build on little plots to try out aesthetic ideas to use in scenarios and bigger parks. Here's a simple Monorail station house i liked, added a go-cart track too for fun. The entrance/exit are nicely "hidden" under the station house in the center. The go-carts feature both a bridge over the main walkway and a tunnel under the main walkway. It's been a while since i've built it so if anyone wants it i can try to remember the scenery pieces i used (a few layers with the tile inspector tool on the building structures) so i can make a list of requirements and also try to save the monorail with the scenery and upload it somewhere on the internet. Enjoy, -MusicusMaximus
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