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"Unable to connect to server"


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Since several days, I can't connect to several - in principle free - servers. I alwas get the error message "Unable to connect to server". I have this problem with "Mozar's Free For All", "Do WTF You Want To" and "Mass Destruction".

A few days ago, it worked fine.

Can anybody help me?

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15 hours ago, GingerAdonis said:

It seems like this is a problem with your network or internet. Do other multiplayer games work fine?

Yes, OpenRCT2 is the only game with these problems - and only the "free" scenarios "Mozar's Free For All", "Do WTF You Want To" and "Mass Destruction" are not working since last week.

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It's crazy ... After the last post in October, suddenly it worked fine again. But since two days, I always get the error message "Unable to connect to server", I found out, that this problem concerns mainly the "Mozar" servers ... Perhaps anyone knows where the problem is, and how to solve it ...????

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