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"Brakes on all pieces"


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No, not with the SV6 file format.

Chain lifts work differently from block sections. The chain lift isn't a track piece per se but a flag that can toggled on or off for a particular track section, while the brakes and block brakes are separate track pieces (which is why they appear in the special track piece menu and can't be toggled on and off like chain). So in order to allow for sloped brakes, you'd either need to add new track pieces, or change the brakes to work like the lifts, either one of which would require the new save format.

In my view, since sloped and diagonal brakes are by far the most commonly needed, I think it would make more sense to add a few new track pieces than add support for brakes on every track piece, but either way this can't be done yet.

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I can see how this could be implemented, and I'm not neglecting your comment X7123M3. Ultimately: all the chain lift hill does is speed things up to and raise the minimum speed possible on affected pieces. So they might be able to add a flag that limits the maximum speed of affected pieces. What do you think?

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