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  1. I created a park that had a path slope up immediately after entering the park. and as I was playing, i noticed that the guest number would go up to one or two, then back to zero. when I looked; a guest entered the park and then fell through the terrain. from what I can see, the guests who enter your park travel to the center of the path immediately inside (or outside) the park after a true interaction with the park entrance, before going on with their day. I think this is the issue with it. Attached an image below where you can see a guest falling through the terrain.
  2. I can see how this could be implemented, and I'm not neglecting your comment X7123M3. Ultimately: all the chain lift hill does is speed things up to and raise the minimum speed possible on affected pieces. So they might be able to add a flag that limits the maximum speed of affected pieces. What do you think?
  3. I have been playing RCT for 18 years now, and am loving the changes that OpenRCT2 makes. but while it adds a ton, there are still a lot of features that can be added to make it better. But I'm going to talk about one, the fact that the Trains only spawn on the initial station on two station Roller Coasters/Track rides. This ultimately makes making a ride like the Ugly Twisters Wooden Roller Coaster impossible to make yourself, as the trains only spawns on the initial station and not on the completely separate secondary track. I wanted to make a suggestion I thought of to fix it, a feature that
  4. I have more info about this, it appears to be tied to random map generation, the 0 on the width (it's from the recent patch as it wasn't there before) probably. this is making one of the best new features that OpenRCT2 has to offer; please help.
  5. did you close the ride after train 1 left, to prevent the 2nd from crashing into the 1st if it didn't clear the hill? if you did, thats the problem; if you revert it to testing the ratings should show.
  6. i am not sure how to explain this, I had a park I made and I loaded it to save on having to select my rides and attraction for a new one; I finished the map and went to place the entrance and... this happened. can i ask for some help? or a fix? I used the tile inspector to show something else screwy.
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