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Hey. I'm new to the game (yes, I didn't even play the original RCT2 back in the day). I'd like to add some user created for more diversity, so I hope you guys can help me:

-What sites can I find good stuff on? I know rctgo, is there some other one I should check out?
-I guess I could spend a year downloading asset by asset (not to mention potential compatibility issues and all); are there packs that contain many objects in one single file, by any chance? I'm interested mostly in scenery.


Of course, I'm assuming most user created content for the original game works with OpenRCT2, I hope I'm not wrong...



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19 minutes ago, Parkitect said:

-What sites can I find good stuff on?

New Element is the main one. There's also Amazing Earl's site and my site but those are mostly rides (AE does have a few scenery objects though).

25 minutes ago, Parkitect said:

are there packs that contain many objects in one single file, by any chance?

Sort of. There isn't really any site I know of that has scenery object organized into packs for download (although there really should be; everything is incredibly disorganized at the moment). However, you can download so called "workbench" maps that come with a selection of custom scenery preselected. You can find a number of those on NE. Downloading parks that use custom scenery heavily is another way to get objects easily.

20 minutes ago, Parkitect said:

Of course, I'm assuming most user created content for the original game works with OpenRCT2

Anything made for vanilla RCT2 will work in OpenRCT2.


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6 hours ago, thorthesecond said:

Going through all the objects on Nedesign's page, what is the deal with the objects with a red X? Is there an image available elsehwere or is it not available anymore? 

The red X just means the database lacks a preview image for the object. It doesn't meant the object doesn't have one, and the object is still available to download. The website lacks code to extract preview images from object files so this must be done manually for the object to display a thumbnail; otherwise it just shows the red "X".

Most of the preview images that are in the database were added by me using a script, but my access has long expired so anything added within the last couple of years has no preview image.

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1 hour ago, thorthesecond said:

Thank you. How do people know what they are downloading? The names of the objects are coded and ussually vague. 

You don't, really. If you click on the object, it will show you the in game description, but that's often pretty vague and if there's no image in the database, the only way to see what the object looks like is to download it and view it in game. For this reason, the NE database is almost useless for finding new custom scenery - it is mostly useful if you know the name of the object you need and are just looking for a download link (for example, when you are trying to open a save file that is missing objects*). You can search it, but because most objects have only short descriptions this isn't as useful as it could be.

If you are looking for something specific, it's better to ask for what you want on the forums. If you just want more custom scenery, I recommend downloading parks from NE rather than objects - most parks there have lots of custom scenery included. The workbench downloads are also a good place to look.

* Note that in OpenRCT2, if you try to open a save file which is missing objects, there is the option to search the NE database for the missing objects automatically.

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