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  1. Seems after the update today I lost tile inspector. Shortcut key not working, and debugging tools not showing an option for tile inspector.
  2. Thank you. How do people know what they are downloading? The names of the objects are coded and ussually vague.
  3. Going through all the objects on Nedesign's page, what is the deal with the objects with a red X? Is there an image available elsehwere or is it not available anymore?
  4. You need not assume I didn't search the forum. I typed the issue into search and nothing came up for me, hence me asking the question. I have no clue how VirusTotal works, no experience with computer coding, or any real understanding of comptuer viruses. Thanks for the feedback though.
  5. Can someone let me know what the deal is with the SecureAge APEX and Trapmine files? The are showing as malicious on Virus Total. My score is 2/69 so I am hoping they are false postives but before I complete the install I am hoping someone can shed some light. Thank you in advance! https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/4e3670cf1aa6220ee59891b7250fb5681724901455b42f34fdddef38a321808e/detection
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